The deepest sympathys to all you Irish out there.

I know there are a some Irish dopers out there, and I just want to give you all my sympathys for the robing that happened in Paris just a couple of minutes ago. It is an absolute scandal!!
ps if Thierry Henry will break his leg when leaving the showers I’ll laugh and laugh, wipe my eyes, and laugh a bit more…

pps I’m not Irish, just mad

Was this as bad as the text commentary on the Beeb web site made it seem?

I don’t see what the problem was. He didn’t cheat…just a crafty move by a veteran. Like a thumb to the eyes or the spitball.

It was the Hand of God II except it happened in qualifying instead of the WC quarterfinals.


It was the clearest example of deliberate handball one could possibly imagine.

Just seen the clip on youtube… was a pretty blatant handball, but I can see why it might have been missed.

Sounds like the Bogtrotters should have buried the game in 90 mins though, couple of bad misses.

Can somebody link it?

Is English your first language?

I ask as you seem to be struggling with what “cheat” actually means.

I’m personally hoping for something like when Arsenal offered a replay to Sheffield United after Kanu screwed up badly after a “sportsmanship after injury” pass back to the opposite team.

I also NEED to see someone, on camera, ask Henry to his face why he cheated like that.

Gee, I thought the Notre Dame Athletic Director had just announced that Charlie Weis would be retain for another year.

Not if you see it from the side. There was nothing in the way of the linesman seeing it.

Even then, it doesn’t forgive Henry for even attempting it.

The handball in animated GIF form:

Don’t know how long this’ll be up.


That was horrible. I’m so sorry. F*cking French :frowning:

Does anyone know if Ireland have declared war on France yet? The Hand of Frog will be forgotten, oh, I’m guessing just about never.

A replay? Give me a break. Why would Henry answer that question with a honest answer? The Hand of God is part of soccer’s lore now and everyone knows what happened there (wink, wink).

People are wanting him to be banned for life. Everybody needs to calm down. It was a handball, a blown call, a tough break for Ireland but these things happen in sports. I just can’t get worked up over it.

It was cheating. Cheating which knocked a team out of the World Cup.

A 14 month campaign killed off at the death by a cheat.

A replay is what an honourable person would offer. I’m not saying force it, I am saying France should offer it, like Wenger’s Arsenal did.

you clearly did not see the game. At all. He had to handle the ball twice in order to manipulate the ball into a position where he could cross it. It didn’t just “hit his hand”.

So yes, he cheated. Besides the obvious off sides (it’s a set piece, they were off side at the kick), it was a cynical and petty move. Linesmen and ref should be ashamed of themselves.

Domenach is a small, small man.

And Wallenstein, calling us Bogtrotters, not so cool.

We were the better team over two legs. I think our lack of real depth on the bench was what ultimately doomed us (oh, that and the blatant cheating).

Henry is a cheat and how the ref and linesman managed to miss both the offsides and the handball is pure mystery. We need video evidence, now.

Fucking travesty. The linesman should be shot.

ETA: now all you Paddies know what it felt like to be at the mercy of the Hand of God. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

ETA2: Va va vooooobollocks.

I thought this thread was going to be about Charlie Weis until I saw the OP’s name.

Dude, WTF?

Don’t be hating on the French because of some cheating ahole.