The Democratic mock draft.

The problem is, Democrats are not united.

This is because they have such a diverse group, and not all of them agree with each other. The only near united front the Democrats have is the media is favorable to them, excluding of course Fox News and frowns upon Trump in general.

Whomever the Dem’s pick will get plenty of good press. Uniting the base, that’s a different story.

The time to be united will after the primaries have determined who will be the nominee. And in Congress of course to limit the damage being done by the disunited GOP.

No question there was a failure to adequately circle the wagons around the nominee early and well enough last cycle. But having the vigorous debate over where we want to be led? Voting over who gets to hold the steering wheel this time? Hearing the different pitches for what the party currently should be standing and advocating for? From here until there is a clear nominee (even if that is at the convention), this is the time for that and that is a healthy thing.

What we’ll need to agree on after that bickering within our house is that the future of the country and the world will be better with the Democrat in the White House, than with the GOP candidate. There will be a time for that too.

Not sure what we’re supposed to be debating. I think Nate got the best list, since he has both Biden and Sanders, who are the current frontrunners.

Nitpick: it was a snake style draft, so to get the actual order of the draft, you need to read the even numbered lines right to left. So, Hickenlooper was actually one pick ahead of the Rock (who was picked simultaneously with Michelle).

Doesn’t that mean that repoolnekciH nhoJ was ahead of nosnhoJ enyawD, then? :wink:

I think Geoff has the best picks, by far. I don’t think one of the old fogeys are going to get the nom and Harris is the best choice among the younger crowd at the moment. Rourke has taken off in popularity since the picks, but I think he’s just a flash in the pan. Deval Patrick has great value as a fifth round pick. He could be the Tom Brady of the primaries.

Clare’s list is the worst. I’m not sure if she was taking it seriously. Avenatti as a 9th pick overall is insane. And then her next 2 picks are also jokes, the Rock and Lady Obama. Johnson could win the war of words with Trump, but I’m not sure if he could come up with a good platform that the Dems could rally behind.

Warren is way overvalued. Everyone else was jealous because Clare got to pick first, thus getting Warren, but I think she belongs in the second round and is unlikely to win the primaries. Although, I also said that Trump had zero chance to win the nomination, so I obviously don’t know how the world works.