Poll and discussion for Democratic/liberal/progressive voters: your early preference for 2020

The poll is meant only for those who believe they are likely to support the Democratic candidate for President in 2020; discussion is for anyone who’d like to take part. Candidates included are selected ones featured in the most recent FiveThirtyEight Democratic 2020 primary draft, plus one or two that I think are appropriate. I didn’t include all of them, based on my own expectations and whims, and included the “other” option in the poll for anyone not included: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/our-third-ish-2020-democratic-primary-draft-got-weird/

My early preference is Amy Klobuchar, but I may change my mind once the campaign starts. She strikes me as progressive politically, genuine and decent personally, with a proven track record of appealing to moderates (by utterly dominating her Senate elections in purplish Minnesota) and with few if any weaknesses for the general election. My only concern is that I’m not sure how effective and inspiring she is on the stump, but there’s plenty of time to evaluate that.

If posters are interested, we can re-up this poll every few months, or more frequently once the real campaigning starts.

The poll only allowed 1 choice so I chose Texas’s own Beto. But there are 4, 5 people on there I would happily campaign for (Booker, Harris, Gillibrand, Klobuchar, more).

Biden, Warren, Sanders… too old, sorry.

Pencil me in for Beto but it’s way too early, no one has formally or informally announced and the campaigning strength of folks like Brown, Gillibrand or Klobuchar is yet to be seen. I’m not rabidly in anyone’s camp at this point.

And I agree with the No to Biden, Warren and Sanders on the basis of age.

I would campaign for anyone on the list, but I only allowed 1 choice to see what Dopers’ first choices are right now. If you can’t decide between a few, just let me know in the comments.

EDIT: I agree that this is way too early for any actual voting or deciding, I’m just trying to see who people are leaning towards at this point. For fun.

I clicked ‘other’ because there was no ‘it’s way too freakin’ early to have an informed preference’ option.

ETA: At this point, it would be easier to say the names of a few I wouldn’t support for the nomination.

Yes, it’s too early, and you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to… but some of us are leaning towards a particular candidate, and I think it might be fun to talk about that.

I was torn between Beto and Sherrod. I went with youth, popularity and fundraising.

For me, it depends to a certain extent on who they are running against. I might support Biden if Trump runs again. If it’s not Trump, I would probably thrown my support behind Hickenlooper because I think he’d have the best chance to win against a more normal GOP candidate.

Too early for Newsom, but watch out for him next time around! Elizabeth Warren would be a disaster for the Democrats, but I’m not so negative towards Harris as I would have been a year or so ago. It’s important to keep in mind that a presidential election is largely a popularity contest. People who are tied to issues are going to vote for any D or any R, regardless*. People who are not so tied to the issues are going to go with whom they fell more comfortable with.

*Unless it’s Trump, who is just a wild card

Joe Biden. It is imperative to win. Biden can carry the blue collar white vote better than any of the others. We can run a “true progressive” later, when we have safe control of the Senate and can block off a Republican who may beat that true progressive. The most important thing in human history is that Cheetolini not be given a second term, unless we’re talking jail sentences.

Klobuchar has two votes in addition to mine – anyone want to volunteer that it was them? You don’t have to – I deliberately made the poll anonymous.

As far as I know, Michelle Obama still polls better against Trump than anyone else does. Granted, her weak point is that she’s never held office; but who, exactly, is going to use that a reason to instead opt for Trump? It’s too late to score points against Trump on the ‘inexperienced’ front; he’ll have been president for years, and folks who’d vote for him apparently didn’t care about it anyway. So why not put him in a position where it’d be super awkward to criticize people for supporting her on that basis?

Plus I’m figuring you’d get the tiebreaker of Barack Obama campaigning for her with a little more gusto than he would for any other candidate.

I’m operating with the assumption that it will be Trump, until I see any reason not to.

I think it’s less than 50/50 he’ll run again (for several reasons), but if I had to grade my ability to predict what Trump will do on that front I’d give myself a “D”.

But it’s your poll, so if you want to stipulate that Trump is running, that can help folks decide.

In my understanding, she despises politics, and there’s no chance she’ll run. But you can vote for “other” for her, if you feel differently.

Sure, I’ll stipulate that for anyone who’s unsure, they can pick based under the assumption Trump runs again.

Right now, my only preference is for a senator or governor. O’Rourke probably will eventually run, but he really ought to get more experience first (though I wouldn’t mind him as VP).

And no joke candidates like Avenatti or Oprah. Yeah, yeah, in the current environment, they just might win, but would we want them to?

Any further decision is going to wait on the results of some polls, because really, anyone who thinks they know what constitutes “electable” right now is way too confident.

EDIT: I put Michelle Obama in the same category as Avenatti and Oprah. First lady is not relevant experience. The difference between her and them is that she has enough sense to know that.

Hmm - poll ended.

I woulda chosen Klobuchar. For the reasons stated by the OP. Really want to test the depth/breadth of our nation’s misogyny. Don’t see any glaring negatives, and plenty of apparent positives.

Woulda given a second place vote to Booker. Older white guys (with limited significant exceptions) have had a long enough run on top.

Re: Beto - must admit I do not see the reason for the excitement. A rep since 13? Would suggest a tad more “seasoning.” Don’t deny his appeal to younger voters, but young and white aren’t enough to cause me to jump aboard the bandwagon. Maybe in 10 yrs after a stint in the cabinet (or as VEEP) for whichever Dem wins in 20?

Klobuchar/O’Rourke? Might be a strong ticket.

The poll shouldn’t have ended… I reported the OP (I think – sometimes I don’t get an indication if the “report” went through) to see if there’s something wrong with the poll, and if it ended early hopefully they can reopen it.

I just voted for other. Poll seems to be open.