The Denver Boot

If a Denver Boot is placed on one of your car’s tires, why can’t you just drive away? How is this contraption secured to the ground to prevent this? - Jinx

The boot isn’t secured to the ground. It is locked onto the car wheel with an extender that is longer than the wheel’s radius, so that the wheel can’t reach the ground at least once per rotation.

If there’s enough clearance between the tire and the wheel well for the whole contraption to rotate with the wheel, could one drive away in a very bumpy fashion ala Homer Simpson in the New York episode?

Homer didn`t have the clearance, he created it. He tore through his fender while driving with the boot on. That episode was funny as heck…and yes it was a very bumpy ride.

It works the same way as The Club. It just sticks out far enough from the wheel that the end runs into something that blocks it before completing a revolution.

Yep, I remember Homer tearing the fender up. I’m wondering if driving away “wearing” the boot would work in real life without the fender-shredding (I think the driving wheels would just peel rubber before the fender metal would ever shear away). In the second pic on the boot link there looked to be almost enough clearance around the 4X4’s tire to rotate the boot.

Obviously you won’t be driving to work that way, but could a guy who does have enough clearance slowly drive his supposedly immobilized vehicle a few miles down the road at 3am to a garage where he could work on getting the boot off without getting caught? Or would it be too hard on the vehicle to be worth it, or worse yet would there be big gouges in the road that the cops could follow your trail with and at least find where you went to remove the boot?

It doesn’t look like more than one can fit on a tire. So can citizens buy them? I’d buy 4 and put one on each wheel after I park wherever I want.

Slithy Tove:
The tow truck driver’s (and let me assure you, the local police would invoke one) response to that would be to dolly 2 of the wheels, and lift the other two while towing it.
Alternatively, they could just put WD-40 on all 4 tires and drag the car onto the back of a flatbed. I assure you it happens.