The Devil Made Me Do It: What's it like to be possessed?

It’s just that I’ve always wondered.

I’ve seen/read “The Exorcist” so I’m aware of one interpretation of what its like to be possessed, but as we know Regan has no memory of what went down in her body.

And I’ve read “Enoch” by Robert Bloch and “From Shadowed Places” by Richard Matheson- both of which talk about what it’s like to have a demon in possession of your mind. Fictionally at least.

Hmmm. I’m not quite sure what to think. And I’m aware it’s an odd question (sometimes I think i’m really odd :o)- but if it were to happen (hypothetically), what would it be like to have someone else in your head? Would it be sort of enjoyable or all bad? Would it be gradual? Can you invite possession, and can you take means to prevent it? Does it always require an exorcist or will the demon leave by itself?

Since this question doesn’t really have a definite answer, its virtually all speculation. Er, discuss?

It’s not too bad, really. But I’m sure I could accomplish a lot more if I could ever get this lazy wench away from the computer.
Persephone’s inner demon

I suppose it would be comparable to insanity. It would certainly suck, no doubt about it.

I’ve always had two theories. The one where the demon/spirit completely controls you and you are basically unconcious whenever to does the evil.

OTOH, I can also imagine it was the ‘riding your body’ experience, in which you are concious, and can see and feel whatever is going on around you, but the spirit is the one controling what you do and say.


Is this what happens when you seel your soul to Satan?


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Did you see “Being John Malkovich” yet?

Well, you get taken back by the seller or financing entity due to nonpayment of…oh, wait, that’s what it’s like to be reposessed.