The difference between Italians and other Europeans... (Flash animation)

Apologies if it has been already posted, but I just got this link from a friend.
Want to know what’s the difference between Italians and other Europeans?

Click here.

It’s a Flash animation with sound.

Yep those crazy Italians. The movie seems pretty accurate. :smiley:

Ouch! That hurts!

Don’t make me laugh so much, please :smiley:

We just watched that in our office, along with our Italian officemate. To say that we were all in fits of hysterics is an understatement. :smiley:

This was shown at a Spike and Mike festival a couple of years back-love it! Especially the bus catching bit, which I replayed myself while trying to get home from the Vatican.

It looks like with regards to angled parking, Italians in Italy and Italian-Americans in Buffalo act exactly the same.