The differences between women and men

Q: Why do men have a Y chromosone, while women do not?

A: Because men are always asking “WHY?” whereas women already *know *why.

I would think that women should be the ones to have the Y chromosomes, if they’re the ones who already know why.

In a way, women do. A Y chromosome is basically an X chromosome that’s missing a tail.

boys have a penis girls have a vagina

Then where does the expression “getting some tail” come from?

In the orgasmic birthing thread, the women are talking about labor pain, and the men are arguing the nuanced usage of “come” vs. “cum”.

Moving thread from IMHO to MPSIMS.

Whatever the differences between women and men, they are all fundamental to our biological nature. None of them have been socialized into us. No sirreebob. Not a one. They’re all immutable and fixed by God. And if they were socialized, it was to preserve social order and perpetuate humanity.

And that, as far as I’m concerned, settles it. If you believe differently, you’re some kind of commie lesbian gay socialist academic fruit salad who deserves a kick in the nuts, if you have any, or even if you don’t.


There’s the difference right there.

Absolutely. One’s opinion is pointless to the other. Respecting each other’s differences didn’t plow the plains or win WW2, y’know.