The "Dilbert" Dogbert's Helicopter model?

On the off chance some of the other eight people who watched the “Dilbert” animated series frequent the boards, I’d just like to ask…what type of Helicopter was it that Dogbert frequently flew?

I know it’s an actual design…I’ve seen photographs of the real life version, when the U.S. military used it during the Korean war.

So…can anyone help?

do you have photos? my episodes are on the home computer.

US Military? Krorean war?

Probably a Bell 47 variant.

It’s definately not a Bell 47.

But, come to think of it…it looks like the same type of helicopter that Mickey Rooney flies in the move The Bridges of Toko Ri

Could be one of these but I don’t know what it is.

Found it! It was a Sikorsky HO3S-1.

One can see why it was called a “Dragonfly.”