The Dillinger Escape Plan and Three Days Grace

I listen to a lot of different music. Mostly modern stuff though. Mostly rock stuff too. But I have a few interesting thoughts:

Is there anyone out there, besides me, that likes Three Days Grace AND the Dillinger Escape Plan? I feel like I’m alone, and for good reasons:

**Three Days Grace: **Poppy-as-hell alternative rock. The lyrics are blatantly obvious. The songs are overly-catchy. People complain that the songs posses no depth in terms of lyrics or musical originiality. But I say, they are ingenious in creating songs that require little analysis to understand or follow. They flow well, and even people who have never played an instrument or sung can understand and follow the songs well.

**The Dillinger Escape Plan: **Arguably the heaviest, fastest band in the world. To most listeners, their music is pure noise, but I have the ability to realize how talented and ingenious their style of music is. They try to make their music as fast and heavily and odd-timed as possible while still keeping the songs SONGS and not just random spurts of ideas crudely melded together. Almost all of the members have Jazz degrees, so they know their shit. They combine both the retartedly-heavy-fast riffs that only they can play with some slower melodies and quiet parts, all while keeping their songs very individual and recognizable; Its not like all the songs sound the same (which is a problem with alot of heavy bands out there…).

Some of my friends are musically inclined and play guitars and crap, so naturally they hate Three Days Grace because its so poppy and “shallow”. And then, my other friends who aren’t too musically inclined hate Dillinger Escape Plan because it just seems like senseless noise to them. Is there anyone that enjoys both except me?

I had the pleasure of listening to Three Days Grace latest album yesterday, while in the car with the kids (both teens). I give it a definite ‘meh’. Not so bad that I sent the disk spinning out of the player, slicing everything in its path. Not anything I would willingly subject myself to again[sup]1[/sup]. Having said that, I get the honor and privilege of taking my daughter and a friend to Atlantic City to see them in concert. You may weep for me now.

[sup]1[/sup]Of course, I willingly listen to Emerson, Lake and Palmer, old King Crimson, and Yes, so you may discount my tastes accordingly.

For me, it’s Ace of Base and Emperor. It’s not that unusual–lots of people like things across various genres. I like DEP, but I can’t really say I care for Three Days Grace.

I like a lot of black and death metal, but enjoy Simon & Garfunkel and Bob Dylan as well.

Not too big on DEP myself. I mean, I get what their doing, but it still just comes across as unfocused noise. Very well played noise of course. TDG I just can’t get into.


Fan of DEP checking in. Well, at least of Calculating Infinity and the EP they did with Mike Patton.

As for Three Days Grace, hell no. Poppy and simple? I like poppy music. I LOVE a good melody. I also like simple music…when it’s powerful. When it’s obvious that there is feeling and conviction behind it. Maybe Three Days Grace are poppy and simple, but they sure as hell aren’t good at being either of those things.

I have very diverse rock music tastes, too (including DEP). 3DG is rather pop-ish for me, though, sort of like Creed, Nickelback or Puddle of Mudd. I’m into the “darker” stuff like Borknager, Dimmu Borgir, Emporer, and heavier Emo music such as Alexisonfire and From Autumn to Ashes.

I also like a lot of 70’s classic rock such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. I’m also a major prog aficionado (Yes, Rush, ELP, early Genesis). Even some 60’s material like Jimi Hendrix and Iron Butterfly are cool, too.

80’s metal? Yep. that, too, it’s all good (well, most of it, anyway, some hair band acts I thought really sucked).

Completely outside the rock genre, I enjoy Tangerine Dream, Mannheim Steamroller, Holst (The Planets) and some older classical (Tchaikovsky).

Categorically, I hate rap, country and most “pop” music (the bland shit you always hear on contemporary radio). Too simple and repetitious for me, which is why I like the complex material better.

My 12-year-old quite likes Three Days Grace. I can’t say that anything sticks in my head. Did they do “Animal I have become”?

Yeah they do do Animal I Have Become.
Though I am surprised to even find other DEP fans on here (woot!), my point is still valid. Not one of you likes DEP and 3DG, haha

That’s not really all that hot a litmus test of the breadth of someone’s musical taste, unless you’re looking to start a 3DG/DEP joint fan club.

Well, I like that song. But I’m old, and haven’t heard of the other band.