The dog found at sea after the tsunami was reunited with her owner

Something nice after all those bad news from Japan.

That last shot with the dog going all crazy in the minivan? I got a little teary-eyed.

It is great to see at least one happy ending out of this tragedy.

Even during this short video you can see where the dog is able to go back into an area of the house under the roof. This was after all those days at sea. During the early stages after the tsunami, there must have been larger areas where the dog could go into for cover from the cold. I wonder if he ever did for long or whether he stayed on the roof most of the time to prevent getting trapped.

How did the dog stay alive for so long without fresh water? Amazing.

The obvious joy when the dog greeted the owner - heartwarming.

Something strange I noticed about the Japan tsunami videos - almost everyone is wearing surgical masks. Is this common all the time? Is it leftover from the SARS scare? Seems strange to walk around in public with one on.

I sorta assume it is a protection from the mold that must surely be growing everywhere.

Japanese have long (pre WW2 practice at least) worn surgical masks to prevent spreading germs in the winter. Especially if you have a cold. In other words, it’s pretty normal in winter in Japan to see people wearing masks while commuting on mass transit and sometimes in the office.

The mask might also have been part of a “disguise,” as the video I saw said the owner did not want to be identified. And you couldn’t really see their face much behind the surgical mask, so who knows? :wink:

My wife supposes that some of the snow and rain that fell after the wave must have collected in leak resistant pockets in the debris raft.

Great God that’s a wonderful nugget of joy in the midst of unspeakable tragedy.

Awwwww, extremely cool in addition to cute.

I’d read that they’d been reunited but it was great to see the video :smiley:

Masks are also commonly worn on heavy-pollen days by people who get hay fever easily.