The Donald's crime spree continues
He bribed Chris Christie to get an endorsement. Just like he bribed Ben Carson.
He has also been commiting tax evasion for years.

I would need some sort of evidence to believe this. I don’t see anything giving any reason that they believe this. I don’t even mean some sort of citation. I mean no event for how they figured this out and no reference to some informant. It doesn’t even read like an article. It just reads like they randomly decided to say something.

The Carson thing is well known, of course: but it’s been a part of the political landscape for years. And, yeah, tax evasion is a problem, but it’s one we knew about ahead of time, and it didn’t stop people from supporting him.

Here is the relevant law.
It wasn’t business as usual. It was a felony.

Typical libtard tripe. How can you make a moral equivalence between Job Creators™ exchanging a few hundred $1000’s among themselves to keep the American System™ running smoothly, and lazy ethnic-colored Welfare Mama trying to defraud the taxpayer by buying ketchup with her foodstamps?

Cite: Wisconsin had to pass laws preventing abusers from buying any bread product except brand-name whole wheat in 16 oz package. Welfare fraudsters were so shameless that Ketchup, soup, milk half-gallon cartons, etc. all had to be specifically prohibited.

So, if these are legally crimes, and I believe they are, then when and how is some prosecutor actually going to charge trump ? I wonder how this will play out . Our Dutch version of Trump ( all the anti muslim retoric, none of the tacky billionaire stuff) has been brought to court twice. Both times for inciting hate. None of it hurt him politically. Would these fraud charges, if true, hurt Trump with his fanbase?

No. It would make him a martyr and prove his point about being feared by the establishment.

It should be noted that Trump has said on several occasionsthat he will prosecute Hillary when he takes office.

That’s WIC, which has always very strongly controlled the products available for purchase. Ketchup and soup cannot be bought with checks that are marked for fruits and vegetables. Oddly enough, such checks are supposed to be used for fruits and vegetables.

boffking, why not check out, and keep tabs on, Hillary also ? What is good for one, is good for both, right ?

The Donald’s crime spree continues

I’m sure he’ll be arrested as soon as the feds figure out some way of finding out where he is hiding.

Oh my. This is “Your side does it too” taken to comic extreme. Trump University is being sued for millions of dollars in fraud, so we’d better rehash the 40 years-ago Whitewater “scandal”, even though Kenneth `Skunk at the Garden Party’ Starr found nothing at all.

… Or are you referring to pending arrests in the Vince Foster murder case?

Whether he would prosecute Hillary or not is not clear, but Trump is definitely stoking the flames of anti-Clinton hatred with this rhetoric. He knows a lot of people who might not like Trump love the fact that he might be the most aggressive of anyone in dealing with the Clintons. The hatred of the Clintons in republican circles is pathological - just like Trump is pathological. The Clinton’s are like the political equivalent of Moby Dick.

I’ve wondered what would happen if he is the president elect or even just into his first term and then somehow gets indicted.

Not at all. I just think if there is to be a thread on the pending indictments, or whatever, of presidential candidates it should be even handed.

To say my side is pure sunshine without a taint of a problem while your side is guilty, guilty, guilty of whatever you think is relevant (but others many not as pointed out) is not healthy.

Enough on both sides to go around.

So you’ve made sure to pop in all the Hillary email scandal threads with this same sage advice?

Well, there’s the still ongoing Hillary Clinton’s lies and scandals thread with 279 posts. But I don’t see davida’s name in there asking people to be sure to include Trump’s misdeeds.

Take your own advice about being healthy, davida. You should go outside, soak up some healthful vitamin D, and spread some manure onto your spring flower beds in the sunshine - instead of spewing it in Trump threads.

Do you have any evidence that the relevant legal authorities are investigating Trump for tax evasion, or is it just an investigation by ABC/GMA?

If Trump’s not a crook, he sure does a good job of playing one.

To be fair, Trump can’t be expected to know every detail about every phase of his operation, however, this is careless:

Bolding mine.

By all the evidence I’ve seen, Trump should be an absolute failure. I mean, not the Trump Steak, or Tour de Trump cycle race type of failure, I mean bankrupt beyond recognition failure.

Why he’s not is beyond me. Other than the suggestion he uses mafia-style tactics.

Is a crime spree so bad? ‘Spree’ sounds so carefree and gay!

Oh, Jesus. Now I’m picturing Trump doing the Gene Kelly song-and-dance routine from Singin’ in the Rain, and I don’t think I like that.

I think the proper term is “LGBTQ.”