The Dresden Files on Sci-Fi Channel

I’m sure we’ve got some Dresden Files fans out there somewhere. I pretty much devoured the first three books. Well, apparently they’re doing a TV series on the Sci-Fi channel, and it’s due out sometime this summer. How exciting!

I’m a fan of those books as well. A preview for the series is now available on YouTube. It just says the show is “coming soon”, but I think it’s supposed to be this winter. january, maybe?

I like the books too. This preview ran on SciFi during Eureka the other night, and that’s the first I’ve heard of it. Harry looked pretty good, and I liked the effect for the burst of magic from the palm of his hand.

The Sci-Fi channel’s website says summer.

Actually, it says “Sumer 2006.”

Damn those Mesopotamians! They always get the good shows first!

I just checked the info posted at Jim Butcher’s official web forum at, and they’re all saying January. Both Jim Butcher and the show’s producer post on the board, so I suppose they’d have the scoop.

Another fan checking in. :slight_smile:

It can take a hella long time for me to download any kind of video. Could somebody offer a precis of what “The Dresden Files” is all about, please?

I’m a huge fan of Butcher. If I know it is on, I’ll be recording it.

Awesome! I haven’t been picking up the more recent ones, but I used to read him closely ever since he posted on the Laurell K. Hamilton boards (you know, before she went down the tubes.) A super-classy guy.

I just finished Proven Guilty, and I liked it a lot.

You just can’t beat a smart ass wizard.

From the link in the OP (no video):

I’ve read all of Butcher’s books, both the Dresden Files and his Fury of Calderon books and I really like his stuff. I hope they do right by him with the series.

I’ll sign in as a fan as well, and keeping my fingers crossed (in many ways) about the TV series.

Thanks, Ferret Herder. Gosh. Sounds . . . really derivative.

It’s not what it’s about, it’s the way it’s about it. They’re well-written books with interesting, likeable characters.