The Drop: James Gandolfini's last movie

Anyone see this? It’s a small crime movie based on a Dennis Lehane short story. It’s pretty well done, and is getting some attention because it’s the last movie James Gandolfini did before he died. Also starring Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace. I enjoyed it, it’s suspenseful and low key. Basically a “No good deed goes unpunished” plot. I don’t want to give to much away, as I found knowing nothing about it made it more rewarding. If you like crime dramas you might want to give it a shot. The title refers to bars the mob (In this case Chechens) use to temporarily store money, one of which is owned by Gandolfini’s character.

One question if anybody’s seen it (and I urge you not to click on the spoiler if you haven’t): Who put the arm and the bloody money in the bag? I thought the Chechens at first, but they seemed surprised. So maybe it was Bob? I wonder how he tracked those guys down though.

I thought it was the Chechens, too, who were able to locate the one guy from Bob’s too-detailed description. I think it got a bit too close to Marv for his comfort.

Saw it, loved it.

Potentially, it could also start a whole new genre of film. Or at least, it’s the first “reverse heist” film that I ever saw.

my take was that it was a warning. they suspected Marv/Bob might of been involved and it was a warning. Or, if they weren’t involved it was a warning not to let it happen again.

I think the audience is supposed to believe it’s a warning from the Chechens, but realize later on that Bob is always a step ahead. He is trying to warn off Cousin Marv and not for the last time, either.

Finally watched this last night, I thought it was a good movie. First,

My first theory was that the arm was Marv’s doing. He didn’t want the 5 grand, he just wanted to see how the Chechens reacted. I think he was genuinely surprised that they came in demanding that Marv track down the robbers, but at the same time feared that they’d find Mr. Broken Watch and beat Marv’s name out of him. However, there’s several problems with this. One, we’ve never seen Marv do anything like this; he needed Bob to kill Glory Days, after all. Sure he ran over the other guy, but that’s nothing compared to the intimacy of hacking someone’s arm off. And he seems genuinely bothered by how calm Bob is wrapping up the arm like a piece of meat. Two, they never tell the Chechens “We found this in a bag with a severed arm.” Why go through all the trouble of putting the money in a bag with a severed arm if you’re not going to tell the Chechens about it? And that sorta goes for Bob too. So I think the Chechens tracked down Mr. Broken Watch and gave the money back to Marv and Bob to see how they’d handle it. Although, yes, they seemed surprised to be getting the money back, and who would want to keep the money after finding it in a bag with a severed arm.


So Bob is basically autistic right?

The story itself has had an odd journey. Lehane wrote the screenplay for The Drop, adapting it from a short story he published in 2009 called Animal Rescue. Lehane then adapted the screenplay into a full-fledged novel also called The Drop, released last year. I’m about to start the novel, so I’ll post about the bag if it’s made any clearer.

I’m not going to link to it because the site seems a little sketchy, but the short story is on the internet if you google it. It’s interesting to see how he fleshed the story out while still remaining a good part of the dialog.

I just finished the (short) novel, and

I think you’re right about the arm. In the book, Marv explains to Bob why the Chechens left the bag and it’s meaning, which was pretty much doom for Marv. There isn’t any logical way to make it Marv’s doing. That sort of ambiguity is can be done wrong, but Lehane handles is deftly.
There was some funny dialogue between Cousin Marv and the detective after the initial robbery. I read it Gandolfini’s voice…it’s a shame it wasn’t in the film.

I’m a little late to this party, but I’m going to bump this thread. Wow. What a good movie!
I wonder how much spoiler tags are really needed at this point; but until someone says different…

I sensed early on that Bob might be the one who killed Richie Wheelan. He was so calm and subdued; you knew there was more to him than met the eye. Because I thought Bob was the type that would do that, my next logical leap was to believe he was the one who cut off the dude’s arm and got the money back. I saw it mostly as a way to scare Marv off from doing anything else that would have to be cleaned up. I like the theory that the Chechans did it as a test of Marv and Bob. How Machiavellian.

Also, I couldn’t place the familiarity I had with Noomi Rapace. I can’t believe I didn’t pick up that she was Lisbeth Salander from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy.

Excellent Movie!

This and Locke are worth revisiting since Hardy has had an incredibly impressive year with the new Mad Max film plus his remarkable incarnations in Legend and the critically praised The Revenant.

I’ve not only read the book, I’ve watched the film twice, because seeing how Michaël Roskam blocks out the scenes, and how amazing the actors are, definitely makes it worth a second pass. A lot of the individual scenes feel like something out of a stageplay.

I watched this several weeks ago. I, too, thought the arm and money were left by the Chechens as a test of Marv.

I agree that Hardy as Bob is really excellent, and I liked Rapace quite a lot in this, too.

I thought it was excellent and think Tom Hardy should have gotten an Oscar.