RIP James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano)

Apparently he died earlier today in Italy. RIP (if true).

Quoted from his Wikipedia entry:

Seems legit to me.:dubious:

Yeah apparently it was just confirmed by HBO. Only 51.

My slow internet is acting up today so can’t check link, but if true…wow…RIP JG, You did a great job personifying Tony, no one could have done it better…I love The Sopranos, best TV series ever IMHO.
Shit…younger than me, again, RIP!

Did the report abruptly cut off in mid sentence?

Bummer. I wish he’d done more work after The Sopranos.

51 is very young these days isn’t it.

Aside from The Sopranos he had a pretty solid series of roles in movies as well.

Edit: Just saw he had a daughter the same age as mine (2 1/2) - which converts this from "kind of sad’ to “very tragic” in my eyes.


He did it so well; True Romance, The Mexican, Sopranos… jeez, waaay too soon.

He leaves behind what is probably the greatest character performance in television history. Very sad day.

Yes, he was great in True Romance, saw that before I ever saw The Sopranos.

I’m gonna have to go out and whack a guy. Or off a guy.

But not whack off a guy. Cuz I’m married.

51? :frowning:

He was also great in In the Loop. RIP

He’ll come back as Gandolfini the White in the sequel.

“Get Shorty” is an excellent film, and Mr. Gandolfini was just fine in it as a stuntman who also worked as an enforcer.

Don’t stop believ

Terrible! Worst possible news.

That means he was only 37 when Sopranos started. Tony Soprano seemed older.

Maybe Leon Panetta was more irritated with Gandolfini’s portrayal of him than he let on.

I thought he was way older.

Wow, what a shock.