The ECO mode (automobile related)

I have a 2017 Toyota Camry LE. Whenever I drive to and from work, I get the car up to 50MPH and set cruise control. When I do this, the ECO light comes on. Is this a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Don’t know about Toyota. But when my Honda ECO light comes on it means the engine is running in economy mode. Not sure all what it does but I believe it changes the timing, switches from running on 6 cylinders to as few as 3, and a few other ecconmic fuel changes. So it is a good thing.

It’s a good thing. Means you are saving gas.

All my ECO mode does is change the gear shift from a higher RPM point to a lower one. It saves gas, but slows acceleration.

What they said – upon setting the cruise control to just maintain constant speed on level ground, the engine computer will automatically engage the most fuel-efficient operating profile, whichever it is for your particular drivetrain. Looked up a Toyota dealer site and it indicates:

Toyota likes it when you use cruise control and ECO mode means you are driving as fuel efficiently as possible for the speed you are traveling. Regular gas is $4.25 per US gallon in Japan.

This is the biggest thing. For a given engine power output, an engine can produce that power with either low torque X high RPM, or with high torque X low RPM. the latter condition tends to be more efficient, so when you settle into a steady cruise speed, the car’s computer picks the highest gear it’s allowed to under the circumstances, dialing the RPM way down and increasing the torque. You’ll get best fuel economy this way, but the price you pay is crummy acceleration, at least until you put your foot down far enough to demand a downshift.

In our KIA, the ECO light doesn’t actually do anything, it just indicates you are getting good mileage. If you slowly press the gas it goes off at some point.


My Hyundai is exactly the same. Doesn’t do anything.

So, I guess the ECO light means I get to put a little gold star by my name for the day. ;o)

Thanks for your responses; I appreciate them.

It’s on page 79 of your owner’s manual. There is also a way to turn it off in the settings.