The Edith Head Google doodle--what films are the costumes from?

Today is (would be) Edith Head’s 116th birthday, and the doodle of the day features sketches of some of her work. I can identify 2 of the pieces immediately–the finale costume from White Christmas and Tippi Hedron’s suit from The Birds. And the blue sweetheart-neck gown makes me 80% certain I’ve seen Elizabeth Taylor in it, but I can’t for the life of me place where. The other pieces are vaguely, naggingly familiar but again I can’t place them.

Can someone identify these other designs?

The white dress is, I think, from A Place In The Sun, on Liz Taylor.
The blue dress is Grace Kelly’s gown from To Catch A Thief.
The green is Tippi Hedren’s suit from The Birds.
The yellow is Natalie Wood’s skirt and jacket from Sex and the Single Girl.
The non-White Christmas red is for Jo Van Fleet from Gunfight at the OK Corral.
And of course the other red is Rosemary Clooney’s from White Christmas.

All of them are modeled directly after Head’s sketches, which is why they don’t look EXACTLY like they did in the films.

Far left is Taylor from A Place in the Sun?

The middle one is Edna, the superhero costume designer from The Incredibles.

Kidding or serious? It’s Edith Head herself. Edna Mode was modeled after her.

Freaked my daughter out when I told her that’s who Edna was based on.

Pretty sure kidding.

Slight hijack: long ago there was a time when people appeared on late-night talk shows who weren’t there to plug a book or movie or TV show. They were just there because they were interesting. Edith Head was one of those people, and I saw her as a guest on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson many times over the years. She was just there because she had a quick wit and TONS of tales to tell. I miss those days!

Thanks, that was niggling at me all morning. And I would have LOVED to see [del]Edna[/del] Edith on Johnny Carson.

Back in late 1975 Edith Head, along with Bob Hope, came to Topeka, Kansas to do benefits for the church congregation I now belong to.

Grace Episcopal Cathdral was torched by an arsonist and the sanctuary, except for the stone walls, was utterly destroyed. Hope did a show at the Municipal Auditorium, and Head did a fashion show. I don’t know how they got two such big names but they did, There’s a poster at the church with their pictures on it, framed, in one meeting room.

Obligitory link to They Might Be Giants’ “She Thinks She’s Edith Head.”

Fun trivia - the last movie Edith Head did costumes for was Steve Martin’s “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”.