The eleventh commandment

I turned 65 last week, no big changes, except going on Medicare. I retired from the day to day running of a couple of businesses 15 years ago at 50. The sale of those companies will be finalized by the end of March. Everything that I have is paid for, and now a big pile of cash for my golden years. Single too. Tried marriage once, it didn’t take.

I always lived by my own rules. I broke those made by others if I didn’t agree with them.
Some people had an issue with my moral flexibility, that was their problem.

But, I always kept to the Eleventh Commandment: Thou shall never, never, ever get caught.

Served me very well over my life.

Sounds like you are qualified for a Trump cabinet position.

That would naturally follow Commandment 10.1 – “Thou shalt keep thy head down”.

Wisdom is defined as knowing when you can break the rules. Or as my friend Rick Seaward said, “Rules are to guide the wise and command the foolish.”

At last! Someone proud to be a jerk!

12th Commandment: Never have an accomplice.

What office are you running for? (and don’t count on my vote)

13th: Head shots. Make sure thou art the only surviving witness. (From The Book Of G. Gordon Liddy)

Navigator66, you sound like my kind of guy. I live my life, and bother no one. If the rules/laws happen to follow what I am doing, great! If not- eh.
We should get a beer some time. You are buying though- Three kids in three years has melted my mid-sized pile of cash :frowning:

I have a hard time believing that the OP has 10 other commandments that he follows. Instead of 11th, this is probably his 1st commandment.

Slacker. There are 613 commandments we Jews must follow.


Yeah, if you followed the first ten, there’d be nothing that’s fun left to worry about getting caught doing.

And how well have you served your community and humankind as a whole?

It’s now un-American to be altruistic and egalitarian. The OP is the prototype Modern American.

You cheated bigly on your taxes every year, dincha?

Well, as far as a cabinet position, I don’t think I would last long. My first advise to the Cheeto-in- Chief would be he needs to get a plexiotomy. That’s the procedure where a clear piece of acrylic is surgically inserted into the front abdominal wall, so he can see where he is going with his head up his ass.

There were rumors in the city I was in that when an animal rescue group was denied a permit for a no kill shelter, and given 7 days to turn their rescues over to animal control, a jerk of a local businessman had a HVAC system installed in an unused warehouse behind his machine shop. It was said that when animal control showed up to remove the rescues from the groups non-permitted shelter their building was empty, wall to wall and completely cleaned. I heard that 3 years later when the rescue group was finally able get their permits that 467 rescues had passed through that old warehouse.

Another rumor connected with the above was that a covert campaign of vile slander was directed at the city council members who denied the permit until they were voted out of office.

The big mystery of the area was the young mother and her two children who just up and disappeared. The story was she and the kids were being abused by her husband and she couldn’t get any relief from the courts. In fact she was ordered to return the children to their father. Then she was gone. The husband was cleared in her disappearance. The speculation was someone had paid a private pilot to fly her and the kids half way across the country in the middle of the night without a flight plan, where she was taken in by a women’s group who had just received a nice donation to their cause. It was whispered that her jerk of a boss was somehow involved, he was interviewed 3 times by the authorities, but since he knew nothing, there was nothing he could tell. The case went cold and everybody moved on.

No comment what-so-ever about any taxes.

Okay, okay- I will buy the beer.

You can both drink my piss, as far as I’m concerned.

Awwww…Upset because life didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to?

panache45 I have no idea what prompted this, but it’s not appropriate for this forum. Please dial it back. Use the Pit if necessary.


When someone I don’t know describes their chief virtue as the gift of breaking rules whenever it suits them, they are describing a jerk.

If you don’t like being identified as a jerk, don’t introduce yourself as a jerk.