The end of my unlimited? (AT&T buys Tmobile)

Someone please comfort me. Does anyone know if I will get to keep my unlimited data plan, now that AT&T owns tmobile? I have a bad feeling that I already know the answer to this. I’m sick to my stomach.

ETA: forgot to make clear, I am now a tmobile customer.

T-Mobile will continue to operate as an independent company until the deal gets regulatory approval – which will likely take at least a year – and none of the plans will change… per the T-Mobile web site.

If you have a long-term contract, that’ll have to be honored. After that, and after the merger is completed, who knows.

Why wouldn’t you? As anson2995 says, they will honor your contract, and once it’s complete, they can offer you the ATT unlimited data plan. Which is a pretty good deal at $30 a month.

I can’t open that website for some reason (why would my job block something so innocuous? Who knows) but your post is a tiny bit of comfort. Thanks.

Sorry to double post, but Omar, I was worried because I had read that AT&T ended their unlimited plan for all new customers. My concern is that they will view me as a ‘new customer’ which, technically, I will be.

Hmm, I hadn’t heard this news. I’m a tmobile customer. Assuming the deal goes through, if a customer were in a 2-year contract at the time of the purchase, would they be able to cancel their plan without early termination fees? I want nothing to do with AT&T.

It’s way too soon to be concerned about the details of this. As anson2995 said, it will take about a year, maybe more, for the two companies to go through all the hurdles to actually merge. Only then will we see anything actually change. Right now, I doubt anybody at T-Mobile even knows what might happen.