"The Essential Workers" is a shoe-in for Time Person Of The Year right?

Unless Nancy Pelosi does something else major this year Presidential election or not I think that has to be the winner.

It’s only May. COVID-19 has had the most impact on the news so far, but considering what has already happened in 2020, I wouldn’t be making any end-of-year predictions at this point. Seven months ago, who could have predicted where we would be now?

The last presidential election year where the winner wasn’t person of the year was 1996. Would be a long shot, I think, for anyone but the winner to get it this year.


That is all.

If re-elected, 45 will be a shoe-in in an Iraqi sense.

I’m going for virus of the year.

My current guess: Biden, if he wins; otherwise, The Health Workers (I wouldn’t say “essential workers” as there would probably be an argument that some of the “essential businesses” weren’t, but Time was rewarding them anyway). Maybe Andrew Cuomo, as the “figurehead” for the virus recovery, the way Rudy Giuliani was named in 2001 for 9/11, but that was fairly New York-centric while this is much more global.

Meanwhile, there is a similar thread over in Game Room concerning Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the Year, although it’s supposed to be limited to one person, rather than, say, “Athletes Who Care II.” The two names that stand out seem to be Patrick Mahomes and Kobe Bryant (and note that you don’t have to do anything necessarily “athletic” in the year when you win).

Sadly yes.

Now lets all give them a round of applause. I’m sure they appreciate that more than a living wage, universal health care, paid vacation, paid sick days, proper safety equipment, a stable job schedule or the ability to join a union.

I made a prediction in March (on Facebook). It was health care workers. Nothing has changed that.
But, if a “cure” was found then whoever found that could become the person of the year.

“The Murder Hornet”

I think COVID-19 is a bigger story this year than the U.S. presidential election. And I think, for a U.S. audience, Dr. Anthony Fauci is the face of this disease. He’s also a figure that could appeal to both ends of the political spectrum - an employee in a Republican administration working for the administration but not entirely subservient to the president’s whims.

That would be Chump if he were reelected.