The "Essvee Loves Rita Hayworth" Thread

In another thread somewhere, essvee has been delcaring his newfound love of the great Miss Rita. So I thought I’d open the floor to other Rita fans, and give essvee some info:

You lucked onto her best when you started with “Gilda.” As for other films, the 1940s musicals showing Rita at her most Ritalicious are probably:

“You’ll Never Get Rich” (1941)
“Strawberry Blonde” (1941)
“You Were Never Lovelier” (1942)
“Cover Girl” (1944)
“Down to Earth” (1947)

Her best dramatic acting role was probably in “Separate Tables” (1958). There’s a new coffee table book out on her, and here are two fan web sites:

P.S.—before some wiseacre dogpiles me, I KNOW “Strawberry Blonde” isn’t a musical, it’s a nostalgic 1890s comedy. But still an utter delight, and Rita’s terrific as the snooty Bad Girl.

Probably the best two movies she was ever in were The Lady from Shanghai & especially Only Angels Have Wings, though she’s more frosty than hot in the former and Jean Arthur’s sexier than her in the latter (though Rita does get a good ice-water-shampoo from Cary Grant). Neither film plays to her strengths very well (unlike the delicious Lovelier, Strawberry, or Cover Girl), but both are still well-worth seeing.

I liked her in “Blood and Sand” as well, as the heartless, scheming matador groupie. Sidetracking a bit, wasn’t Tyrone Power hot in those skin-tight matador britches?

Wonder where essvee is? Could he have fallen into a Rita Hayworth-induced swoon and been carted off to the ER?

Pug—You MUST find the silent version of “Blood and Sand,” and see Rudolph Valentino in tight pants, being vamped by Nita Naldi!

here i am! ive snapped out of my gilda-induced reverie to thank you, eve, very much. im dying to see these flicks, although i doubt rita has ever been sexier than when shes dancing with that poor fellow and taunting glenn ford at the same time…

thanks again. i’ll report back when i get a chance to see a few of these.

Whew! I was getting worried, picturing you lying on a stretcher, IV drugs pumping into you, “Trauma: Life in the ER” crew filming busily away, while you mumbled in your coma, “Rita . . . Gilda . . . Are you decent . . . Put blame on . . . Mame . . .”

You know, the first sign of movie-siren induced brain damage is the inability to use capital letters . . .

That’s right. e.e. cummings was a slave to Garbo* :slight_smile:

[sub]* please note I have completely fabricated this fact[/sub]

Oh, I love Rita! I have a framed picture of her from LIFE magazine, in a nightie. Very lovely.

I give my vote for The Lady From Shanghai. The funhouse/mirror scene at the end is spectacular. I also think Gilda is a masterpiece.

whats the second sign?

Love her, Love her, Love her! Always did. You “admirers from a distance”, eat your hearts out. She came to MY college graduation! So there!

[sub]Of course, the fact that her son was in my class may have had a little something to do with that.[/sub]

i understand that the studio thought glenn ford and rita were a great match. anybody besides me think that ford is a talentless toad, hardly a counterpart to the incandescence of miss rita?

there’s a amusing picture in the ‘bad publicity’ section of ‘the institite of official cheer.’ it’s got a birthday cake, rita, and a very disheveled orson welles. lileks wittily remarks that it looks like orson was too drunk to sleep with rita hayworth, or he had to get drunk to sleep with rita hayworth. funny stuff.

Bite your tongue! Ford was an excellent, underrated actor and certainly had better thespian chops that Rita (though wasn’t nearly as luscious). If there’s any doubt about Ford’s modest-but-forceful, understated acting skills, be sure to see The Big Heat, Experiment in Terror, and The Courtship of Eddie’s Father.

Not to mention Blackboard Jungle.

are we talking about the same guy here? glenn ford is HORRIBLE in gilda. his acting is dead-fish-like, his dialogue is leaden, and his expression rarely changes; he looks like he’s swallowed a roll of pennies, or he’s wearing peanut butter underpants, or something.

and it seems like he’d rather eat a bug than get with rita hayworth, fer chrissake!

Hmmm . . . Looks like I’m gonna have to start me an “Essvee Hates Glenn Ford” thread . . .

cmon, eve, back me up here or tell me i’m full of it. i’d like to know what you think.