the expanding universe

Sorry if this has been asked a lot before, but I keep reading about the universe expanding and I can’t understand what it’s expanding into. Also if you could go faster then the speed of light since I’m guessing that’s how fast the universe is expanding, could you go past the edge of the universe?

I think you go into nothing, if you can imagine that.

Of course, it would depend on how many beers you’ve had.

Imagine you’re a 2 dimensional guy living on the surface of a balloon. Someone blows up the balloon a little more and your world expands (ie the surface area of the balloon gets bigger). As far as you’re concerned your world hasn’t expanded into anything, but it has somehow stretched and got bigger.

What has actually happened is that it has expanded in another dimension that you’re not aware of. I think something similar is going on with the expansion of our own universe.

The balloon analogy is helpful, but the extra dimension is just an aid to visualization; it has no real existance. There is no extra dimension to expand into. Also, I believe that current thinking is that the universe is flat. That is, space is not curved. This implies that the universe is infinite and expanding everywhere. There is no edge to the universe nor is there an edge to the expansion.

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