The Expanse Season 5 trailer and release date

Yes but if Naomi is on it she can override the autopilot or use the comms, potentially, making it useless as a lure and allowing her to contact Holden. So it would need to be destroyed before it can do so.

Unless Marco doesn’t realize what she did, I guess.

Suuuuuuuure it isn’t.

Unless all of that has been stripped out for parts of a lure ship.

She jumped, she wasn’t blown out.

It’s only a difference of 1 atmosphere. You don’t explode from taking a deep breath from your scuba tank and swimming up 30 feet, though you definitely could get the bends.

The ships undocked seconds before, so if the docking ports are lined up with both ships’ center of mass they could still be lined up.

It is possible, but all we saw Marco order is for all of the crew to leave the ship and for autopilot to be engaged.

If they are sending signals to the autopilot to control the ship I assume comms are still online. And even if they were turned off, Naomi is a skilled engineer.

The absence of normal atmospheric pressure (the air pressure found at Earth’s surface) is probably of greater concern than temperature to an individual exposed to the vacuum of space [1]. Upon sudden decompression in vacuum, expansion of air in a person’s lungs is likely to cause lung rupture and death unless that air is immediately exhaled.

I think that article actually supports my post – I think it was less than 15 seconds before she injected herself (which may have included oxygen, drugs, and whatever else maximizes consciousness and function for the human body in a vacuum), and less than 90 seconds overall.

From the article:

Decompression can also lead to a possibly fatal condition called ebullism, where reduced pressure of the environment lowers the boiling temperature of body fluids and initiates transition of liquid water in the bloodstream and soft tissues into water vapor [2]. At minimum, ebullism will cause tissue swelling and bruising due to the formation of water vapor under the skin; at worst, it can give rise to an embolism, or blood vessel blockage due to gas bubbles in the bloodstream.

In a universe which had our star pilot aim himself to a rotating ship farther away last ep?

Not hard at all.

Sorry, I thought your original question is if it would have worked in the real universe.

She clearly jumped, aiming herself, and wasn’t blown out. She’s also shown opening her mouth wide, with air escaping in a haze, so she breathed out. She exhaled, then took a hard breath in beforehand, probably to give her body a chance to oxygenate, and then is shown, mouth wide open, air escaping, pushing herself out.

Would it have worked in the real world? No, probably not; but they did make an effort to get things mostly right, she does have the injection, she’s had more experience than any living person with this sort of thing, and it’s clearly a desperate last-ditch effort—either this works, or she won’t have to see the Roci destroyed anyway.

I agree with this. In the real world, there is a very low probability this works, but in a book/show series (where once in a lifetime coincidences happen to advance an interesting plot), yeah, I can see it.

Reasonable response. But if being able to push off straight to a stationary target is the main problem then I can buy it very easily. The bigger eyebrow raise I had was the vacuum exposure. I still wonder if they had a reason for her to delay using the magic injection for the bit she did.

Is Cyn now presumed dead?

I took it as, the injection gives you 20 seconds (or whatever) before you black out, so hold off as long as you can so you can maximize your total time in vacuum.

That would be my assumption, but I think they purposely left enough wiggle-room that he could still be alive.

“That really IS how you live your life!” :grin:

While I agree that the scene with Filip asking for a ship’s command was not nearly as well written or acted as I would have wished, overall I have to give E7 a 13/10.

Because other than that, every scene in Naomi’s story was utterly compelling and wonderfully crafted. And keep in mind that until now, I’ve really not liked Naomi’s story at all.

Filip’s story either just got really complicated or really simple. :smiley:

And of course, I can’t wait to get back to Amos!

Episode 8 - Hard Vacuum

Another episode with a lot of buildup and not much payoff (yet). I think they could have trimmed down the scenes of Naomi doing engineering stuff and sobbing. But it did break new ground with a scene of a woman squatting to pee outside, not for comedic effect but just because that’s what people do.

I am so ready for Marco’s woman on Drummer’s ship to get what’s coming to her.

I couldn’t really tell what Naomi was doing the first 20 times she went out to mess with the recording. But it was a nice touch at the end to keep repeating her modified message while the credits ran over the visual of the Ring.

I was glad that they didn’t downplay the bad shape she’d be in after that or fast forward too fast to her solution.

I’m also appreciating the manipulative abusive father son relationship portrayal. And the dysfunctional but loving family dynamic of Drummer’s crew.

Peaches reaction to hearing Timmy was nice also.

But so sad Cyn …

I have to admit, I completely forgot about Clarissa Mao from two seasons ago. I thought she was one of Amos’ acquaintances from the old days. I had to refresh my memory with the wiki once she said her real name, and now it all came back to me.

I thought this was incredibly well done. Painful to watch, her repeated attempts, struggles, failures; it became clear how she prevailed through ingenuity and grit, nearing despair, ready to give up, but pushing herself further. Virtually every other science fiction show would’ve had her reversing the polarity of the neutron flow, or whatever, but this went the exact other direction—rather than some speed-talked technobabble, nothing is explained (or ‘explained’), yet everything becomes clear, showing her grapple with the situation and her injuries, coming up with new solutions, failing again…