The Expanse Season 5 trailer and release date

Season five is coming December 16!

December 16th is sooner than I expected. Some good news after hearing about the Netflix cancellations of Glow and Dark Crystal.

Woohoo. I binged the entire series just last month and I need more. Thankfully Season 5 looks a lot more expansive than last season.


That looks fantastic! I’m especially looking forward to Amos’ visit to Earth and his backstory from the novella The Churn.

I haven’t seen any updates to the sexual assault and harassment investigation of Cas Anvar (Alex Kamal on the show). When the news came out in June, there was some thought that it might impact season 5. It’s tough to tell from the trailer - he’s there but only in one shot, which is noticeably less than the other main characters (and even less than several minor characters).

Cautiously optimistic. Season 4 was a dud, imo. This looks promising.

A very good point. I’m curious about his fate as well.

Book 5 was my favorite (so far), so I’m really excited for it. It was kind of sad that the first season Amazon got (as an original) was based on Book 4, which was… meh, IMO. The season wasn’t much better (may have been worse tbh).

I see they are using a certain silliness from the book, which I won’t mention until after it airs.

I didn’t see him in this trailer, unless I missed it.

He’s in there for a second around 0:22, and for even less time at 1:53.

Amazon has announced that the sixth season will be it’s last:

So this will end the show well ahead of the books? I have not read the books at all. Will it be something they can “wrap up” in time?

The book series will end with nine; the last one will be released in 2021. I hope the sixth season doesn’t stick to the book and leave several major questions unanswered, but it would take some gymnastics to compress the last four books into one season. Either they ignore some of the questions, or they cut a lot of the journey and skip to the end.

The lasest book is really more the first half of a longer book.

Actually, I realize I misrembered–the latest book was the second half of the story started in the one before that. It was just so memorable that I forgot it entirely.

That article mentions that Anver will not be in the cast for Season 6.

Purely for Cancel Culture reasons, not because it in any way reflects the plot of the later books.

Odd way of phrasing it. It was for sexual harassment reasons.

Yet entirely accurate.

Well heck if that’s how we’re phrasing it, you are just going to make the popularity of “cancel culture” go way up.

Anyways, from what I’ve seen, Book 6 does have a decent ending spot. The authors wrote the story as a “Trilogy of Trilogies”. So it may have questions left unopen, but it would have a decent ending to this trilogy.