The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

Things I have learned because of the Freaks:

Who Marinus Van Der Lubbe was

What a “lid” was

Hippies thought Chairman Mao was glorious.

A swell foop = a fell swoop.

That dude’s hawn goes “bleat bleat”.

Things that have confused me about hippie counterculture:

Why would anyone put a wire in a joint?

What is so funny about comparing cockroaches to prolific socialists?

If amyl nitrate is so powerful then why didn’t our (80’s) generation use it?

The wire in the joint was used as a “built-in roach clip”. They even sold papers with a little wire already attached. The rest I cannot answer.

“dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through time of no dope. …”

I learned (sort of) what a “lid” is from listening to Firesign Theater.

But my dad always says “a swell foop”.

(I’m going to steal my Dad’s FFFB shirt from the bottom of his drawer…)

I now know how many people I’ll have to bribe to get inside a Mexican prison - including “José”.

I learned that in Mexico they have bushes covered with little sausages.

I learned that cockroaches live in organized societies, with kings and courtiers and all.

I learned that it’s a really bad idea to pee on a typewriter–it might be electric.

What’s a “typewriter”?

I think that’s the job title of someone who worked with the movable type or something, back when Gutenberg just printed his Bible. That era.

How that became electrified, I have no clue.

A boat anchor.

I learned that those comics are ^%$#@ addictive. A friend of mine gave me a collection when I was in high school and I stayed up all night, reading and laughing so hard I cried.

…and eating bags of Cheetos? :wink:

I think it was “Idiots Abroad” that taught me that Amsterdam had semi-legal drugs.

If they came out with all-new Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comix, I’d subscribe.

The softball game episode, where their team was trying to lose but Fat Freddy wins with a home run because he’s so goddamned high the ball looks like it’s the size of a pumpkin, had me in tears.

• Don’t mix the cocaine in with the hashish unless there’s plenty of food in the fridge, or you may face the wrath of the hunger-crazed were-hippie

• Don Longjuan knows everything

• Sticking a quarter in the jukebox and playing “I’m proud to be an Okie from Muskogee” is not good insurance against the hostility of short-haired blue-collar bar clientele

• Do not ask the public librarian where the fuck books are kept

Always confirm the hot chick who brought you back to her place is not your sister before she gets in the tub with you.

Make sure the cat is on your side.

Dood, we plugged it into his amp!

CMC fnord!
Who, somewhere, still has his copy of the FFFB’s board game “Feds & Heads”.

Would a movie do?
Remember-keed spills!


I discovered the FFFBs at the same time that I discovered Fearless, Fighting, Foulmouthed Wonder Warthog. Good times, good times.