The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

I learned it was possible to laugh so hard and so long I had a sore stomach for days.

Art by Steadman. And you forgot that because his home run, his team loses all their bets and they make him eat his hat, which is why he joined their team to begin with. Rutabagas rutabagas root root root!

I learned how to make millions of dollars out of a dollar bill and a color copier.


Amyl Nitrate is an additive for diesel fuel. Amyl Nitrite is a popper.

Little TVs can grow legs and arms and throw big TVs out the window.

And then run out of battery power, wobble on their spindly legs on the windowsill, and follow the big TV to the ground.

If you’re high enough, that is.

Hey, I’m curious … how many of you FFFB fans out there are female? Because I never knew any girl except me who liked FFFB. I’m not the only one, am I? (No, I’m not going to guess gender from user names. Only in rare cases is it obvious.)

“Feds ‘n’ Heads”, anyone? Someone gave me an original copy laminated to a redwood plank. We used to play it for hours…or was it days? I can’t remember.

They weren’t hippies . They were stoners.

Fat Freddy’s Cat-one of my favorite comic strip books, natch. :smiley:

Um… I’m a… uh, guy. Yeah, uh… gotta guy-thing going.

Rutabagas rutabagas, root root root!

Me. My parents had a ton of these comics, been reading them since I was a little kid. My favourite is the one where Fat Freddys Cat learns that the old “furr collar trick” works poorly in an empty closet.

Female here. I loved FFFB! I recall rifling through the comics all night long and laughing until my my jaw burned. I guess I’m just one twisted chick. :smiley:

Mexican prisons have a funny system.

The Bill of Rights only applies in the U.S.; in foreign countries, U.S. officials can do anything they want to you. (Shelton figured that out long before BushCo.)

Female Fabulous Furry Freak Brother Fiend here! Fat Freddie’s Cat is the coolest goddamned feline in all of history and I KNEW those damned roaches were up to something!

F. Frederick Skitty. My fave character.

To answer a previous doper, I’m a woman, and as a teen in the coughcough70scough, I was a big fan. I’m an Alaskan, and back then pot was legal in our state, it’s still only a misdemeanor or something like that. (It’s been over 20 years, and I haven’t kept up :D). Anyway, as you can imagine, FFFBs was pretty much the state book.

WTF is everyone talking about? A link for the terminally young and clueless?

Aw, just google it, sweetie! Don’t forget to check images while you’re at it… :smiley:

Well, what the heck–click here, it’s as good a spot to start as any!

It’s a two pager, so make sure you click “next!”

The cockroaches in Phineas’ bedroom are socialists. The ones in Fat Freddy’s room (I think – or perhaps the kitchen) are capitalists. The difference is based on the relative abundance of edible trash.