The fact that it's called an S-Signature does not mean we have to accept "S" as your signature.

And an “S” hardly meets the “resonably specific” requirement. Here’s an idea: just put your name there instead of filing a petition!


Work rant concering a too-literal patent attorney.

Lute Skywatcher

:: confused:: it’s standard for federal ecf filling and used in several states where e-filing is allowed…?

I checked our rules and all available examples of acceptable signatures; /s/ isn’t listed anywhere. I even checked with my supervisor and all she did was send me those examples that I had already seen. Rather than resolve the issue quickly by replacing /s/ with /attorney name/, this guy decided to buck a petition up the ladder.

A few months ago I went to a Big Lots store. Made my purchase with a credit card. When it came time to sign my name on that little electronic thing, I just took my finger and scribbled something and hit ‘ok’. (Like I always do)

Cashier: You can’t do that. You need to sign your name.

Me: Actually, I can.

Cashier: I’m going to print a reciept so you can sign your name sir.

Me: I don’t think so. [Grab my bag and head out]


Me: Call the cops if you want. I’m leaving.

Ridiculous, I’ll sign my name any damn way I want.