The Fall of the House of Trump

Here’s something cathartic:

I like to imagine Trump as Roderick Usher, super-sensitive to sounds, colors, light, and even the mildest criticism.

Melania is, of course, Madeline, wandering the halls in a distracted trance (while, however, stunningly dressed, like a SuperModel), pretty much indifferent to Trump’s doings.

A Mad Trist, indeed, Palace of Gold and all.

Who was the killjoy that took the Trump sign down first? I was hoping for a clear counterpart to…

Agreed. Would have been beautiful.

I expect plenty of other Trump properties are going to implode. I’m sure we’ll get to blow up at least one sign

I look forward to the inevitable day when the Trump sign is taken off the building facing the Chicago River. I figure it’s only a matter of time before his financial reality requires a sale, and I can’t imagine a new owner will waste any time removing those value-destroying five letters.