Have You Ever Been To A Trump Property?

Have any Dopers ever stayed in/lived in a Trump hotel/residential property? Played golf at one of his golf courses? Turned a few cards at one of his casinos?

What was it like?

His casino sucked.

It was gold and black and dark inside… and even at the slots nobody was winning a dime. Even the slot machines by the doors were dry.
There was a mall directly across from it. Middle class people would move past the half-dozen homeless people begging for quarters to go into a mall selling high end jewelry and clothing at what seemed like a 40% mark up over retail anywhere else in the state.
It was as if he only wanted the richest of the rich to be there… and if you weren’t rich or pouring money into his back pocket, Fuck You.

“How can that casino keep its doors open when it and the mall across from it totally ignores the average weekend gambler and only caters to the super rich? There just aren’t enough super-rich down here to be able sustain that. How do they do it?” I asked.
The person with me said that they didn’t know either.

In the end, nobody did.

I just don’t want to see him try to apply that business model to America because it is a failed experiment.

I’ve been in the Old Post Office Pavilion long before it was leased to Our Great Leader. That’s as close as I’ve gotten.

Aren’t all current post offices now Trump properties?

I’ve been inside Trump Tower in NYC. That’s close enough for me.

Same here. I was giving an out-of-town cousin a tour of Manhattan and we wandered through Trump Tower.

I work in an office building that is partially owned by Trump. The temperature control is lousy, and lately we’ve been getting a lot of protesters, which means extra security and restrictions on which doors we can use.

I visited the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City shortly after it opened. From a distance, it looked nice- oriental carpets, marble walls, gold fixtures. Up close, the carpets were misaligned modular sections, the marble was painted drywall, and the gold was sloppily applied paint.

Some people really want to live in the Potemkin Village.

Around 2000, family members and I were visiting NYC and decided to stop at Trump Towers to see the indoor waterfall. There was no waterfall because we were at the wrong Trump hotel, and we made a hasty exit. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to get back on a NYC bus for 15 minutes (bus pass restriction), so we had to stand in the freezing cold for about 25 minutes waiting for an eligible bus.

I blame The Donald :D.

His golf course in california is really nice. They host a wine tasting event every summer which is pretty awesome.

Parked in a Trump parking lot a few years back. Really didn’t want to give the short fingered vulgarian a penny but they seem to have had control of all the lots in the area.

It seemed to be set up so that it would be easy to mess up payment. Not at all surprising.

Had to look that up just out of curiosity. Turns out, I lived less than a mile from there my sophomore year in high school. But that would have been long before Trump appeared on the scene.

I went to Donald J. Trump State Park, it is in 2 sections. The first one was mostly thorns and a muddy trail - terrible, just terrible, though there was one view point which was OK, great great 100%. The second section was a haunted ghost town abandoned town. I was scared and ended up running back out, though it was a great park, really great. Both suffered a lot of noise from the nearby parkway, but really great great, first class all the way.

Great Great Park, It is a symbol of Trump’s vision for America 100%

It was a shithole, actually 2 shitholes, but great great shitholes.

I’ve stayed at the Trump Hotel in Chicago, probably 2-3 times. I played golf at one of his golf courses on Canouan Island about 15 years ago, when it was part of the Raffles resort. Both the golf course and the resort have changed hands since then.

His properties are like a lot of other high end properties. Nothing exceptional, nor underwhelming, in relation to other high end properties.

I stayed at the Trump hotel in Chicago maybe three years ago. It was an anniversary and we had some expiring travel miles to spend so we got a room there. I haven’t stayed at similar hotels to compare but it was nice (but not nice enough that I would have paid cash for the privilege) and the staff was helpful. I forgot to bring a corkscrew for a bottle of wine we had brought and when I called to ask for one, someone came up to open the bottle, notice the wine had turned and brought us a complimentary bottle of champagne instead.

The building itself looks nice and I have no issues saying it’s a nice addition to the skyline. It’s not as though Trump designed it or anything. The company I used to work for was in contention to do some of the construction work but lost – a couple years later, I was talking to the guy who got it and he said it was the biggest job he wishes he had lost. Like the tales went, he got nickle and dimed all around and had to settle for a significant fraction less than the contract went in for.

That was my experience also, when I visited the Trump Taj Mahal back in the early 1990s. Looked great from a distance, but up close, not so much.

I worked in the Chicago Sun-Times building before it was demolished and Trump Tower was built on the site. That’s as close as I’ve gotten.

Visited a casino of his. It was big and tawdry. Our hosts thought it was some big deal but I found it just depressing.

I’ve visited the White House, but that was back when Dubbya was in office.

Today, I drive by the WH everyday on the way to my office. I give him a personal salute every time.

I am going to Las Vegas soon and might stop by his casino. But don’t worry, if I do I’ll be sure to fart or steal an ashtray or something. :slight_smile: