Trump on Golf vacation again

Trump is off golfing in Florida again this weekend. The fourth time in a month he’s gone down to Florida for a nice holiday. Seems that’s what he does now.

Of course, his golf trips now cost the taxpayer a pretty penny. $10 million dollars SO FAR. "

But whatever, right? Presidents have all gone golfing and have taken time off in the past. It’s the total and complete hypocrisy that galls.

How many times did Trump tweet about how horrible it was that Obama took time off or golfed? 38. 38 bitchy little tweets.

What did Trump say about what HE would do? “I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to play golf.”

Fucking Hypocrite, lying shitbag tax-dollar spending asshole.

I just went to the White House contact form and logged a complaint. Specifically, I stated that I didn’t feel this was a wise use of taxpayer dollars, and also that I thought the Presidency was essentially a 24/7 job and I really hope that didn’t come to a surprise to Trump.

Maybe ask them about the $500 thousand PER DAY that is costs to keep Trump’s estranged wife safely away from him in New York.

This is what he wanted. Free travel, security and restrictions lifted to make more money on future investments (and current ones for the kids!). I wonder how much he’s saving on jet fuel. I still hold on to the hope that once the GOP gets as many pro-religious and anti-muslim bills passed, they declare him unfit and kick him out.

Normally I view criticism of a President for taking time off to be incredibly lame.

But since Trump evidently ragged on Obama over vacation time, he deserves being called out for raging hypocrisy.

Not that his supporters will care.

I’m also pissed off that MY tax dollars, in another country, are being used to protect the little Trump boys when they go to open their PRIVATE business, to make money for THEIR own family.

Fuck them. They should be made to pay the overtime costs for the RCMP out of their own pockets, since this trip was strictly for a private family business venture to make money for their own family. Why the fuck should I pay tax money for their benefit?

There’s also the fact that:

  1. He promised he wouldn’t have time to golf.
  2. His current rate of “vacation time” cost will reach 187 million (3.6 million per trip x 52 weeks) in one year against 97 million for Obama over 8 years.

There’s also the loss of productivity time as he prepares to leave on his weekly flights to and from Mar-A-Lago. Granted, that might not be a bad thing.

Hypocrisy is par for the course

Trump’s fat ass makes his golf pants look YUUUGE.

Someone should let him know.

You just scored a hole-in-one.

Liberals wasted (and are still wasting) enormous amounts of time and effort demonstrating that their political opponents are being hypocrites. This is not useful with people who don’t mind being hypocrites. Not in a “Song of Myself” sort of way, but in the gritty practical way that believing a certain thing yesterday provided a platform to strike at perceived enemies, and believing the opposite today is the most efficient way to do the same.

The golfing tab, as has been pointed out, is the small change of the damage this administration intends to inflict on the country, but it might be the only issue small enough to get in deplorable brains and begin eroding some of his support.

I agree with your last sentence, therefore I disagree with your first sentence.

Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself. I am large, I contain–never mind.

But actually I don’t think there’s a contradiction there. It’s not that Trump supporters will hate or even understand the concept of hypocrisy–but they will dimly remember that “money spent playing golf=BAD!” and will react reflexively, as they were taught.

Bumping the thread:

Trump golf count: 198 to date
Trump golf cost to taxpayers: 106 million to date
To repeat: Fucking Hypocrite, lying shitbag tax-dollar spending asshole.

I support Trump in his golf playing. He does less harm to the country when he’s on a golf course then he does when he’s in the White House. He should take more time off.

NBC tracker:

I made a post marking Trump’s 200th day spent at one of his golf courses twenty days ago. Trump has spent ten of those past twenty days at Trump golf courses.

The problem with him golfing so much is that he loves to do so at his own properties thereby enriching himself at the expense of the American taxpayer.

There isn’t a single subject that Trump can be honest about. Not one. He will lie about any fucking thing he can. Needless to say, Republicans love the guy.

He fucking lied about being asked to mediate saying the guy sitting right fucking next to him asked him to mediate and the guy fucking never did. Trump is beyond pathological. He is a disease itself.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan: would enjoy outside intervention in negotiations.

India PM Nahendra Modi: no way, Jose. Never did it, never will.

Khan was the one sitting next to Trump when he lied. Modi was in India, where he denied asking for the Vulgarian’s help within the next hour.

Not to defend Trump, but at least he didn’t lie DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the guy he was lying about. He’s pretty good at lying, that way. Lots of practice.