A 17 day vacation? Are you shitting me?

Look, I’m a deskbound drone in section 7G of D.C. I’m trying to make the world better in my own little corner of it, and sometimes I think I have successes.

I’m starting to think I’ve been a fucking dupe for years. A sucker. An idiot. And it is all becoming clear to me now. Why?

Because I’m not in charge of the whole country, and I haven’t played golf 21 times. I think it has been three times this year, and I think I am lucky to have done that.

Nor can I possibly find time in the day to watch five hours of television. I have it on in the background just in case there’s breaking news or something, but there’s no way I actually track what all the talking heads are saying. And then maybe I watch 90 minutes of something funny in the evening, tops.

But a 17 day vacation? What the fuck? Look, everyone – from the lowest burger flipper to the top CEO in the world – ought to take vacations to enjoy life, spend time with family, get perspective on things. But this is re-fucking-diculous. The dysfunction in DC very nearly cost me my own planned vacation this year – for which I could have been out a lot of money for non-refundable tickets for dates that seemed perfectly safe when I booked them. But this isn’t about me, as Americans as a group could use only half of their vacation days last year, which even if they took them all, would probably not amount to 17 days in a row.

What the hell am I doing wrong in my life that I can’t play golf constantly, watch TV constantly, and take two and a half weeks off? Please, Dope, tell me.

As incredible as this seems, I suspect your root issue is that you have a bad case of scruples. It’s totally holding you back from the bad ol’ self you could be.

Whereas our illustrious leader is completely unencumbered and as bad as he wants to be. Maybe even worse.

Nothing’s as liberating as saying “Fuck the rules, I’m not the little people.”

I just got back from a 16 day vacation. The length of his vacation doesn’t particularly bother me; it’s the person taking the vacation.

I suspect that it isn’t the 16 days that will bother people, it’s the hypocrisy.

Which is a pretty common theme in all of American politics to be fair to Trump.

Would you rather him take a more active role in ruining everyone’s life? I wish he would take a 1000 day vacation.

You have to lose any integrity, honesty, shame, and empathy. You have to disregard history and label your own transgressions as fake news. You have to eschew science and regard it as a liberal plot to destroy America. You have to make sure you’re always the center of attention and cry like a baby when the world doesn’t spin around you enough. You have to insult and lambaste your opponents to as big an audience as possible. You have to alienate your friends and associates and make them compete for your attention. You have to look for exposed backs and thrust daggers into them. You have to abrogate your debts because reasons. You can’t use words of more than syllable in public because it confuses your supporters. You have to WIN at all costs.

Pretty good news for the US as I see it.

The problem is that things don’t just run themselves in the absence of the President (or Congress, too) doing their jobs. There’s a thousand important decisions that need to be made in government every week, and quite a few of those bubble up to the White House. As I have seen first hand, part of the dysfunction in government today is that literally nobody is making those decisions on important issues right now.

So even on issues which I have very strong disagreements with the White House, the inability to make any decisions on other pressing stuff, like how to deal with the debt limit, an Afghanistan policy, and so on, is very damaging. Think of it like a bad employee at grocery store: yeah, he might screw up a lot, but somebody has got to stock the shelves until someone better can come along. Right now, nobody is stocking the shelves in government, whether the crappy worker is on vacation or technically at work but watching the Three Stooges in the break room.

To be entirely fair, all recent(?) Presidents have taken vacations of that (more or less) length.
Remember, they’re not really on vacation, the job goes with them.
With Congress in recess, there’s no legislative activity.

However, the Howling Yam promised no vacations, no golf while lambasting Obama any time he stepped out of the W.H.

While condemning Obama’s travel costs, he’s piling up expenses on a pace to exceed Obama in a year or two. That’s not counting his kids making business trips that require Secret Service protection.

All three most recent presidents had an average vacation length of around 7 days.

Other than that, I basically agree. I could also take a 17-day vacation if I had a bunch of staff and logistics that revolved around me so I could continue to work several hours of day regardless of my tasks.

I don’t care that he’s taking a long vacation. But since he’s going to one of his own golf clubs for this vacation, I wonder how much taxpayers’ money will flow into the golf club. Presumably some of the staff will be paying to stay at the club?

17 days of making backroom deals with his “golfing buddies” on his own private golf course, unmonitored?

What harm could he possibly do?

This is true. Which is why I am also questioning how the hell someone can golf 21 times AND watch about 5 hours of TV a day.

Let’s take someone in your office. If they watch no TV and play no golf, a two week vacation sounds like it is even more deserved. Or, if someone takes no vacations, but they goof around a lot while basically working 7 days a week, then eh – it all comes out in the wash. But put those all together, and we’re talking about someone with so much free time, even while at work, while holding the most demanding job in the country.

So why does anyone else bother to work hard at all? Forget me, even though that was my first concern here. All those coal miners in West Virginia? Dudes, stop all that longwall mining operations and go bowling every day. Doctors? Hey, have you ever tried Candy Crush? Better yet, have you tried playing it for three hours a day during your shifts?

This, this, this. It was a stupid criticism when leveled at Obama, and no better now.

There are plenty of things to criticize about Trump - let’s stick to the substantial ones.

That said, Trump’s own hypocrisy on the issue (such as it is) is fair game, if unimportant in the grand scheme, IMHO.

You miss one little thing. He does that shit in Washington, every day. At least on the golf course he runs the risk of sun stroke. I call that win/win.

Aside from whether you think whether someone is doing a half-assed job is a “substantial” issue, do you think Trump is working hard at his job?

And I was just reminded that when Obama went on vacations, his press shop would tell folks what was on his reading list. Can we expect Sarah Sanders to release what is in Trump’s DVR cue?

I just looked at the symptoms of sun/heat stroke:

  • Lack of sweating despite the heat – I have never seen Trump sweat.
  • Red, hot, and dry skin – does orange count?
  • Muscle weakness or cramps – the dude takes golf carts everywhere.
  • Nausea and vomiting – sadly, this is being inflicted on the American people.
  • Rapid, shallow breathing – maybe, especially if sniffles count.
  • Behavioral changes such as confusion, disorientation, or staggering – does this include an inability to follow simple conversations?

Trump may have permanent heat stroke.

You’re on to something here. Wonder if he’ll try and stop the solar eclipse? He could issue a executive order.

I once had a co-worker just not return to work after our two-week Christmas holiday break. Maybe we’ll be so lucky now.

Anything in the federal employee handbook about No-Call-No-Shows?

Unless we are being trolled, this is the Newsweek cover for the next issue. Seems appropriate for this topic.