the Farscape season finale thread (spoilers, of course)

now, though i am most certainly, in my sleep-deprived condition, not the best person to be posting this thread, i felt i must because noone else had done it yet.

there will be spoilers, so cut back now.

i warned you…

so, wasn’t that the best finale yet? not only is there another new crew member, but there was the whole alternate-history marriage thing, the final revalation of Aeryn’s distancing herself from John, and the amazing season’s end cliffhanger…

“as soon as you’re back on board, we will head off on Aeryn’s last vector… wait, somthing’s happening…”

:wormhole opens:
moya goes SLURP!
:wormhole closes:

“…Pilot? Pilot? oh frell… this is JUST GREAT!”
ah, i cannot wait for season 4!

Yup. That episode was a complete mind-frell, wasn’t it?

Of course, there are a few questions. Like, who is that old woman anyway. Notice that no one seems to know how she got on board. (Yeah, she says they rescued her from a lifeboat or something but it’s odd that no one seems to remember that.)

Also, is Harvey telling us the truth about Aeryn’s condition? Remember, right before he gives John the “replay” of what the old woman said, he says something along the lines of “the human memory is malleable and fallible”. So, what he helps John to “remember” may not be the truth.

The wedding scene where the PKs appear and Scorpius’ line “What did you expect?” was a classic. Ouch.

According to a TV Guide article a week or so ago there is at least one other new character being introduced; a female character from a society where knowledge is valued above all else and who thinks John is an idiot.

Commander Grazer will be back. Of course.

Lani Tupu says he will be back in an expanded role. He is the voice of Pilot and the actor who plays Crais. Does this mean that Crais and Talyn survived somehow? There sure wasn’t much left of Talyn, was there? Remember, this is Farscape. How many times have we been told someone is dead only to have them show up again. (Season Three was known as “The Season of Death”. Notice that every major character was declared dead at some point during the season.)

Yup. We’ll just have to wait til June now.

Oh yeah, Sci Fi is running a 22 hour Farscape marathon sometime in May. Hope your Tivo can handle it.


I couldn’t take my eyes off from it for one second…I could feel the tears welling up at John and Aeryn’s goodbye when all of a sudden – POW – Moya spins into the wormhole, and John is left utterly alone in his drifting craft…<i>just like the very beginning!</i>

Did anyone catch Scorpius’s “softened” face during the wedding scene, before the PKs came in? You mean there is a shred of actual humanity in him?!?

Of course, I’m frozen at the thought of anyone in the cast leaving.

<b>tanstaafl</b>, I had no idea Lani Tupu is also Pilot’s voice! Wow!

Whoops…how did ;j get in my last post???

I meant the word “just”…


You took the words right out of my mouth, John. I mean, where in hezmana did that wormhole come from? Crichton’s out of gas in the middle of nowhere. And Aeryn is…aaarrgghh! Doesn’t anyone in television shows use contraceptives?

I don’t hate Farscape, really, I love this series. But they keep yanking us around with these cliffhangers. After “Season Of Death” I know I can trust the writers to pull me back in again. Buncha mindfrelling tralks.

My prediction? Everything after the coin flip was a halucination.

That’s exactly what I’m thinking…