The feces shape

Sorry for the semi-gross topic, but here it goes.

When is the shape of a turd formed? Is it formed while in the organ or is it formed as it is being extruded through the anus?

As a kid, I thought it was the former. I now believe it to be the latter. Much like making sausages.

Unless it’s type 1 on the Bristol Scale, possibly also type 2. At least the first one isn’t an extruded shape. The second, I would describe as modified by extrusion.

I heard shit was tapered so your ass doesn’t slam shut.

While the final shape may be formed on the way out - the type of shape that it may take is determined primarily by how much time is spent in the large intestine, where water is absorbed (because this determines how wet or dry the “end product” will be).

Come to that, how come horses poop cubes? Do they have square assholes, or square colons (or both)?

You guys have the same shape all the time? I’m lucky if it has a shape.

Those really aren’t cubes, more of a dinner-roll shape.

I asked the same question here (albeit concerned primarily with deer feces) about eight years ago.

This depends on factors such as the water and indigestible components of stool, the transit time through the lower bowel and the relative laxity of the anal sphincter.

Stools with high water content (the colon helps regulate body water) and shorter transit times will be more pasty and their shape will be mostly determined by extrusion through the anal sphincter the way toothpaste is extruded through the nozzle.

Stools that are drier (more “formed” as we say in the business) and have higher roughage content will have individual formed balls that look rolled up together if the anal sphincter is lax enough to pass them without too much deformation. The haustrae of the large intestine collect stool into little bunches and extract excess water from them (the colon helps regulate water). As the stool passes through it will retain the shape of those individual balls all compressed together.

Presumably you are thinking of this sort of dinner-roll, not this sort. I think cubes is close enough, and the question stands. Horse poop is definitely squarish.

I might ad the proviso that a sufficiently motivated individual could modify the form upon exiting, to wit, the performance artist that managed to extrude one upwards of a hundred feet long.

(sorry for the mental imagery)

Does Play Doh make larger versions of those extruder attachments? Could be a new market. Maybe a joint venture with the makers of Tinkle Toys.

Also, according to Oprah and Dr Oz, it should be shaped like an “S” or at least a “C”

To what end? Does Oprah like to write her name in the snow?