The Festival Weekend Diet

Where I live is within easy walking distance of the local common upon which the summers festivals, numerous and varied, will be held. Why it’s already begun, the Children’s Festival having already passed, and this past weekend was a little something called Sunfest. Food and entertainment from around the globe.

And the eating is very, very good. Because many of the food stalls are manned by the local ladies auxillary of one ethnicity or another. The entertainment is equally wonderful, I have seen Japanese drummers, an entire band in regalia from Rajastan, India, and Tuvan throat singers to name but a few. Three stages going at one time.

Not only is it free but there are also many crafts on offer, it’s a wonderful time, lots of colour and sounds and smells, and lots and lots of people.

But none of that is what I’m here to crow about. No, no, I’m here to brag on what I managed to consume over the weekend.

Pad Thai (Dinner Thurs Eve.)

Chinese Cashew Chicken with rice (Dinner Fri.)

Churros (Breakfast Sat.)
Jamaican Apple Fritters (Breakfast Sat.)

Afgan Rice with
Potato & Onion Dumpling (forget the name, Lunch Sat.)

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream Cone

Nasi Goreng
Spring Roll (all Indonesian, Dinner Sat.)

Thai Fresh Rolls (Brunch Sun.)
That’s right, I’m thinking of turning pro!

I’m very, very jealous. That sounds wonderful.

Around here, festival food is usually the same–overpriced and not very tasty. Last festival I went to, I had corn dogs and chili cheese fries. My favorite gelato place didn’t even have a booth there this year, like they usually do. :frowning: