The fight for state legislatures, USA 2016

In my country, political movements require more than a charismatic head of state. You want change, you need to carry it through multiple levels of government.

Let’s talk about state legislatures. I’m not happy with mine (more in post to follow). Anyone else thinking about throwing some bums out?

My home state of Missouri has an obnoxious state legislature that refused (and continues to refuse) the Medicaid expansion from PPACA/“Obamacare.” I’m pretty angry about that.

Also, we’re apparently still burning coal for power, which is hilarious. We have lots of sun, we have wind, we should be jumping on the renewables train, and the anti-tax crowd are afraid to invest in the future!

And we need a state-level mechanism to remove police with a record of brutality, and maybe change the police culture* before* kids get shot in the face.

I don’t know if I’m angry enough to run for a seat myself. I don’t think I’m really charismatic enough, I don’t have a law degree, and I don’t have a lot of money. But man, somebody ought to.


(Yes, I am thinking about it. Assemblyman Guinea? Representative Guinea? Not that I’d win.)

Anyone else looking hard at their state legislature and wondering who you gotta call to make some changes?