The Film MYSTERIOUS SKIN Is On Sundance Channel This Month

Mysterious Skin is not an easy film to watch…very disturbing scenes about pedophilia and quite a bit of graphic (Gay) sex scenes.

However, I found the film to be very worthwhile to watch, and it portrays the effects of pedophilia as the characters grow older. Great cast, with quite a few recognizable faces - and for a low budget film, it doesn’t come across as a shoddy independent feature and has great cinematography and music.

The film is not for everyone, but if you can handle the subject material, I think you will be surprised how good the film actually is.

When is it on? I’ve heard of this film but have never seen it.

Here is the Sundance Channel guide and it looks like the next showing is June 27 at 1:00 AM, so crank up the VCR or DVR.

I second the OP. It’s a beautiful, difficult film with superb performances.

It’s an excellent adaptation of the book, too. I’d highly recommend both to those not automatically put off by the subject matter.

Who would’ve thought that the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun might be one of the best actors of his generation? But with Brick, Manic and Skin (the best of the bunch) as evidence, his career is turning into one well worth watching.

I would’ve. Whenever I first saw 3rd Rock, Iwas struck by how smooth and accomplished his performance was. Great timing and he has great on-screen charisma. I’m just surprised it’s taken him this long to get noticed post-3rd Rock. But it looks like he’s choosing roles he finds interesting instead of just going for fame.

He was great in the film and totally unrecognizable from the 3rd Rock character. Also, “Chloe” from Fox’s 24 has a lead role as well.

Am I alone in not enjoying the movie? I thought it was too much stigma and ‘typical’ gay subjects like pedophilia and rape, as in, life of homosexuality has to be cruel and painful. I’m aware that the movie doesn’t take place in the present time, but that just feels like an excuse to make it dramatic.

I didn’t really find any of the characters very likeable either. OK, shoot me now.

You’ll get no argument on his comedic skills, but let’s be honest–transitioning from a supporting role in light comedy (which is what 3RftS was) to being the lead in some very intense, hard-hitting dramas is not something that comes naturally to a lot of actors, and one wouldn’t blame him if he stuck with films like 10 Things… That his career has successfully assumed a more expansive trajectory is something I would not have considered likely, because how many other juvenile TV actors have pulled off something comparable so quickly?

He definitely has no use for the concept of “celebrity,” and avoids it whenever possible. I asked him point-blank some months ago if he was a “star” and he said “absolutely not.” I love that guy.

He’s a pretty gifted short-filmmaker as well. Check it out:

“Typical gay subjects like pedophilia and rape…”?!
Geez, what prison camp do you live in?

There have been many films about pedophilia and rape that are heterosexual in nature and I doubt anyone left the theater moaning it portrayed heterosexuality as “cruel and painful”.

This is just one (albeit, ugly) story and hardly meant to be representative of any deep underlying message regarding homosexuality. Change the two main characters to be young girls and the story still packs a punch.

But as I said in the OP, this film is not for everybody (I would use the phrase “different strokes…” but perhaps that analogy is inappropriate for this film…) But at any rate, I didn’t suppose everyone will love this film, so don’t worry about getting shot here for not liking it…

A prison camp called society. Is there any way getting out here?

Note that I put the word typical in quotation marks. I don’t associate homosexuality with these subjects personally. But as I have experienced that fiction that has homosexual protagonists is likely to use vulnerability, injustice and powerlessness as themes, I find it [typical] that Mysterious skin has the story that it has.

Does this make any sense at all?