The first cookout of the year

Yesterday I brought the grill out of the shed, cleaned it up and made dinner.

Mrs. Dave-Guy had her fellow teacher, Bill, over to work on the script for their drama club. The weather was perfect, and the occasion seemed to call for it.

London broil, marinated in mesquite barbecue sauce. I cut up some potatoes and coated them with melted butter, then dragged them through a mixture of crushed basil, crushed oregano, onion powder, pepper, and coarse sea salt. Wrapped the spuds up in foil with broccoli florets and diced garlic.

The veggies cooked slowly on the outskirts of the grill, being turned every few minutes for even cooking, while the steak occupied the center. They were done to perfection.

Salad, Italian bread, and Sam Adams Boston Lager completed the meal, with an Entenmann’s Swiss Chocolate Chip cake and coffee for dessert.

Life was good last night at Casa Dave-Guy.

There’s just something about cooking outdoors on the grill that makes it all taste better.

Last weekend, I got the grill out of storage, got the tank refilled, and put it back on the deck where it belongs. The weather was beautiful on Tuesday evening, so I grilled flank steaks marinated in Worcestershre sauce and some bottled hickory smoke. They were delicious.

This is the second year now that wasps have gotten to the grill before I did. So again I weigh grilling against fighting wasps.

I grill year around. Nothing tastes better than a T-bone steak fresh off the grill in the middle of winter.