The First Motion Picture - and a funny YouTube response!

In case you haven’t run across it yet, the first motion picture ever filmed is up on YouTube.

Seriously. It’s from 1888 and it’s titled Roundhay Garden Scene. Watch this first and marvel that it came down to us, 120 years later, in such high quality.

Next, in looking at the “Related Videos” section, I ran across Roundhay Garden Scene Deleted Scenes.

Somebody put one hell of a lot of work into this. IMHO, funnier than hell. NSFW for language in places..


Heh. “Unreasonable hats only.”

I like the one where he walks behind the woman, and then steps on her tail.

I tells ya…you just can’t go wrong with a good Mortal Kombat joke.

Cool, thanks for sharing that! Both the film clip and the response were great.

On the wikipedia page for the film , it says

Is that true? That sounds so … fake and made up to me, like a riff on present-day urban legends where films are said to be cursed. How do you disappear on a train anyway?

Good gosh those Something Awful boys have a lot of time on their hands.

Seems pretty plausible to me. Death and accidents happen all the time, even more so a hundred years back. Statistically speaking there are plenty of photographies or movies where the people depicted there died in a relative short period of time afterwards.
However, the chilling, pulsing wall of blackness the guy is walking towards, now that’s scary.

The death of a 72-year-old person in 1888 doesn’t seem that mysterious to me. As for disappearing from a train, that’s no harder than disappearing from anywhere else if there was one or more stops between where he boarded and where he was scheduled to disembark. If it’s a non-stop train and the passenger isn’t suicidal, it’s a little trickier.

Yeah, you’re absolutely right about the 72 year old woman dropping dead. That could happen any time and not be too weird. I guess my reaction was more about the ominous tone … it says the train disappearance was “mysterious” but doesn’t elaborate at all. This, combined with the very vaguely creepy aspects of the film that Sr Siete mentioned, gives the whole thing an odd vibe.