The first talkie version of Oliver Twist

After some digging around when I was researching both Street Thieves and Artful Dodgers and Thorinn’s Company, I came across this old 1933 movie which is the first talkie version of Oliver Twist ever made. It has Dickie Moore as Oliver and Irving Pichel as Fagin (a very good performance. Fagin swings between being very nice to Oliver one minute and beating the crap out of him for trying to escape later on. It’s also very very weird and unusually short-- they cut out the undertaker scenes. That said I loved that they kept the gallows scene at the end.
Posted it here in the thought that maybe other Dopers would also find it interesting.

Link is broken …

I believe there was also a silent version of Oliver Twist from the 19teens, I seem to remember it mentioned in a documentary about silent movies on AMC or TCM. Yup, here is a wiki on the movie. Ha, and here it is on youtube - 74 minutes! Damn!

Correction: here— Oliver Twist (1933)