The five foods that begin with the letter "Q" mentioned in "White Men Can't Jump"

I looked on line last night for about 45 minutes and couldn’t find it listed anywhere! Maybe I’ll take another shot tonight… I do like a challenge!

I’m a butthead. I’m pretty sure we’ve got this on DVD at home, yet it never occurred to me to actually check. I’ll see later tonight if nobody’s got an answer by then.

I don’t care how much you changed the original post, I still think I win.

All of the was (by the way) from The Oxford Campanion to Food.

I saw the movie a long time ago on TV. To the best of my recollection, although Rosie more than once referred to this category and the learning of five foods beginning with ‘Q’, at no point did she actually recite such a list. In other words, the references in the movie are to the category (as a typical example of the trivia knowledge required to win) and not to the answers.

I’m sorry, I can’t provide a definitive reference for this - which I suppose would require going all the way through either the movie or the script.

If I’m right, this would explain why you are having a hard time excavating an answer.

If I turn out to be utterly wrong, my apologies to all for what was a genuine mistake, and I promise to go the whole weekend in sackcloth and ashes.

No, you don’t. The OP was always asking for the five “Q” foods in the Jeopardy! scene in the film. Only the title was changed.

Further off the main topic but…Quinine???

Its the bitter taste in tonic water that some folks drink. Or, at least its in gin & tonic, vodka & tonic, etc.

YES. Quinine is something that you can ingest, and YES, it starts with “Q”. That’s exactly what I was looking for!

What did you wager?

Texas with a dollar sign. I’m speechless.

Bitter? No, not at all. I’m trying to decide whether I want to re-post this topic in Café Society (where the movie buffs may actually answer the question), MPSIMS (where people can tell me that their cat’s name starts with “Q”, too), or The BBQ Pit.

I’m upping the ante, SDMB. Get out your Beta tapes, your VHS tapes, your DVDs. I am so curious about this answer that, rather than spend the $3.00 it costs to rent this film on my own, I will PAY YOUR FIRST YEAR OF SDMB if you can give me all five “Q” foods (as requested way back in the OP), or a cite that proves that there are fewer than five listed in the film.

  1. No partial answers will be considered.
  2. Submit five, and only five, foods, unless you can cite that there are more or fewer listed in the film.
  3. I’ll pay for one first-year subscription to SDMB for the author of the first valid post, or for one person of the author’s choosing.
  4. I submit that bibliophage or another mod designated by bibliophage shall decide any disputes.

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Take that, Quake! :stuck_out_tongue:

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What is Quanal Bum Cover?

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I apologise, I’m really tired and stupid…

Jurph, unfortunately, this in no way answers your question completely, but I did find reference to this small portion, listed below…

Emphasis mine. According to The Nitpickers Site here is the quote from Rosie:


So, apparently, at least if this source is reliable, there was a total of 8 foods, instead of 5, since she already knew one but needed to learn the additional 7. Hope that helps some.

Wow for a while this thread looked as if everybody was looking for that 3rd “gry” word.

If I may offer a 6th ‘q’ food - the qwagga. Extinct you say? Perhaps - but I have heard they may be able to achieve a “qwagga comeback”. The zebra still retains some qwagga genetic material. With selective breeding, the qwagga may once again walk upon this Earth.
In the meantime perhaps someone kept some leftover qwagga caserole which would qualify it as a 6th ‘q’ food wouldn’t it? Granted the qwagga became extinct in the early 1900’s so that casserole might be a bit stale by now.

Sean Connery: “I’ll take SWORDS for $800 Alex”.

Alex: "That’s ‘S’ WORDS Mr Connery - ‘S’ WORDS !!! "

I believe I’ve answered the question correctly; see Jurph’s topic White Men Can’t Jump Trivia (with a prize!) in Cafe Society.

Papermache Prince has nailed it, and provided a definitive cite to boot. This post (xor its accompanying post in Cafe Society) is your IOU.


100 Quail
200 Quiche
300 Quahog
400 Quince
500 is not mentioned… after Quince it cuts to double Jeopardy.

Well, to round out this old thread, Here’s a link to the scene in question., with the answer as posted by a411guy.

Also, this category came up in a real episode of Jeopardy, 10/1/97, Show 3008, as well, in double jeopardy, and in that episode these were the answers:

$200 quail
$400 quesadilla
$600 quiche
$800 quince
$1000 quick breads