The five foods that begin with the letter "Q" mentioned in "White Men Can't Jump"

Yeah, I know, it was the Jeopardy! category in “White Men Can’t Jump,” but I don’t own the movie and can’t find a script to save my behind. So:

These are the five foods beginning with the letter “Q,” as cited by Rosie Perez’s character in White Men Can’t Jump.

Please phrase your answer in the form of a question.
Bonus points if Sean Connery answers me.

What is quince?

I’m sorry, our judges want all five foods that she names while studying.

Oh, shoot, you want the actual answers from the movie…that I don’t know.
I was going to add quail otherwise.

Okay, we’ll help you out. I already know quince, quail, and quahog.

I’ll add Quorn and Quaker Oats


quiche was one of them…what’s the last one?

I’m thinking “kumquat” is with a “K”, and while I personally love the stuff, “Quorn” isn’t ringing a bell. Big points for “quiche” though. And can I just add: boy you folks are fast on your buzzers.


Quisp and the less popular Quake

You’d think google or someone would have it out there, but so far, no dice. Even checked the newsgroups. Could it be quesadilla?


I hope it’s not Quim.

What are:
Quaking Pudding
Quark (the German cheese curd, not the ST character)
Queen Cake
Queen’s Pudding
Queso (in spanish or Queijo in Portuguese)

Quart of ice cream. :smiley:

I hated Quisp - he was an annoying little shit! As a kid it bothered me to no end that he was more popular than Quake. They even rigged that cross country race to Lompoc so that Quisp beat Quake.

I still hate him :slight_smile:

I really appreciate all of your answers. No doubt the actual Jeopardy! judges would accept any of them. But I’m looking for the five that were in the movie. Just those five, and an authoritative cite.

I changed the title of this thread to make it more obvious that you don’t want just any old food that begins with q.

moderator GQ

Sorry not to help you, Jurph, but I just had to throw in:


Thanks, bibliophage; I need all the help I can get here. At the rate this is going downhill, someone’s going to chime in with “Well, it doesn’t actually start with a ‘Q’ but how about Beef? Beef is tasty.”

For the record: I don’t think it was quesadillas, or queso, or either of those Q-cereals that you loved/hated. Quinoa feels close, but I’d really like a cite from someone who has seen the movie recently.