The Flash S03E13: Attack on Gorilla City

Barry got struck twice by tranq darts in the same episode. Has he learned nothing from Oliver? Nothing at all?

Grodd’s telepathic ability seems to have been seriously nerfed. Didn’t they previously need some sort of mind shielding? Now they developed an elaborate plan involving Killer Frost’s powers, which Grodd was unaware of, when he could have just plucked that knowledge straight out of their minds. The inconsistencies here just bugs me to no end.

At least the fight versus Solovar was pretty cool.

In defense - he can only ‘pluck’ what he knows to look for, and he doesn’t know Snow has powers - “security through obscurity”. There is the whole “don’t think about a carrot” thing, but I’ve always thought it weak when a telepath just immediately grabs the secret from someone’s memories.

Everyone else knew about Caitlin’s power as well as the plan itself. Grodd should have been able to read their minds.

He was pretty cocky about his plan and it sure didn’t seem to occur to him that they may plan to escape.

Did Barry and Cisco only have their powers dampened because Grodd knew about them?

Solovar was a Big Good of the Pre-Crisis universe and his charactization here was totally screwed up. The Flash writers tend to be more respectful than that, so I’m wondering if Grodd was mind-controlling all of Gorilla City including Solovar and all that sloppiness at the end was because he was distracted by that.

I’m also still wondering what Harrison Kadabra is planning.

I didn’t like that Gorilla City looked ancient and primitive. Gorilla City in the comics always looked high tech and futuristic which makes for a fun contrast to the Gorillas.

ETA: I think(hope?) that the reveal at the end implied Grodd was behind Solovar’s violent attitude too. I agree he should be a good guy.

The comment about “Africa” not being hot reminded of the “England looks nothing like Southern California” joke from Austin Powers.

That was some really terrible CGI in the arena. The whole Gorilla City “look” (what we got to see of it) was kind of disappointing.

The Wally/Jesse relationship angst is really cringey. I hope one of them dies so we’ll be spared too much more of it.

I love Keith David’s voice–glad they used him here. I’m also glad to see that we’ll see more of the vibe girl next week.

I actually had to rewind and re-watch Flash walking across the arena floor, just because it was so breathtakingly bad. People just don’t move like that.

So Central City has no suburbs? Are there any actual cities like that?

Fortunately, people who aren’t speedsters are still able to punch him at will, so he’s got that going for him.

So, the two new speedsters are able to run around (and apparently do nothing), while Flash gets shield-bashed immediately?

Gorillas don’t have six-pack abs.

The ep was ok, I’m glad they fixed Solovar, and I still hate Douchebag Harry*. I’m still trying to figure out why they called Cisco’s counterpart “Gypsy”, when her powers, ethnicity, personality and, well, everything else is wrong. Why not just call her Reverb or World-Shifty-Girl or something? I mean, seriously–didn’t they learn anything from Arrow who ruined a bunch of good potential characters (Speedy, etc) by just randomly giving their names to whoever? Also, Jesse Quick’s costume looks really stupid.

And seriously. Gorillas. Don’t. Have. Six-Pack. Abs. It looked stupid.

*And my Harry Kadabra theory is apparently wrong, in which case, why is the douchebag always twiddling a drumstick/wand, unless he’s just being even MORE annoying, intentionally?

Harry comes back and immediately invents two new gadgets. Which just confirms my assertion that they are currently lacking in brainpower in S.T.A.R. Labs. Just go and hire Martin Stein’s daughter already.

When he started running towards Grodd, I wondered, “Is he going to lead with his chin?”


Worst. Speedster. Ever.