The Flash S0207: Gorilla Warfare

This week, on My Two Dads

Barry is so bummed out at having to be in rehab for a week that Iris recalls Henry Allen back from backpacking to have a heart-to-heart talk with his son. Much as I appreciate how quickly the show resolves these sorts of storylines, at which point does it just become artificial drama?

Having Barry in a wheelchair did mean that they could save money for CGI to show more of Grodd. Those gorilla facial expressions must have cost a pretty penny to render.

So I guess by next season Grodd will have taken over Gorilla City?

So that was a really convenient portal, no?

Barry’s going to get the ring!

Do I understand correctly that Zoom’s still on Earth? Hope he’s got a minion to feed Jessie.

Easy to miss Easter egg: One of the stolen drugs, Cortexin, was used in Kamandi as the drug that gave the animals their human level intelligence.

Grodd’s gonna be back with a whole gorilla army. Not really one of their more well-conceived plans. Cisco should have known better, if he weren’t so distracted by Hawkgirl.

To be honest, I’m kinda bored by Grodd. They’re doing him well enough on the show, I suppose, but he just doesn’t engage me. To see they’re setting Grodd up to lead a gorilla army, Planet of the Apes style makes me want to yawn. Which is weird, because I love PotA, and should enjoy this in theory.

Ahh well.

Bring us back to Zoom!

I’m actually finding this show to suffer from sophomore slump. Maybe because I binge watched season 1 over the summer. Maybe because I liked the Harrison Wells storyline so much(and his mom’s death).

Still good, but I am less interested this year.