The Fleshlight (adult theme)

Top shelf adult product or poor quality gimmick with good marketing?

I have never used one, lacking the necessary appendage, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be both of those things.

Made of a polymer with high elastomeric oil additive. Sounds like an interesting mix, whixch ought to give it a very soft and slippery feel, as well as a limited lifetime. Also an interesting variation on the usual mix. As such, it’s probably a new addition to the line. I never heard of this before.

I don’t know if it’s “Top Shelf”, but it’s probably not “poor quality”. There are grades in between, y’know.

I would think it’s more “back of the drawer”.

I’m currious how this these things get cleaned after use.

yawn A friend of mine bought one of them a couple years ago… He really liked it, but I still think they are about as pointless as every other sex toy I’ve ever seen.

WTF is it?

I’ve got one - it’s okay. Not bad, not great, okay. I’ve got a similar male masturbator by a different company and if I’m honest I prefer that one even though it was cheaper. I know Fleshlight is supposed to be the don of male sex toys but I’m not sure I agree.

ETA: Shakes, cleaning is easy. The fleshy bit sits inside a plastic housing but you can pull the fleshy bit out and it’s hollow all the way through. Easiest way to clean it is to just run warm water through it for a bit but if you want to be really thorough you can turn it inside out and clean it that way too.

Illumi, why is it that I am not in the least surprised that you own one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey - if you’re going to be stuck with no SO then you might as well enjoy yourself, right?

'tis true. I guess I’ve always just preferred the manual route. Maybe because during my most… excitable years, I was just too damn poor to afford toys. :frowning:

You can afford one now can’t you? Jump in Seodoa my friend, you have nothing to lose but your reduced chance of getting prostate cancer (yeah, like THAT calculation stays constant with the way medical science keeps changing its mind).

Seriously though, I love masturbating to good porn and doing it with my fleshlight or other toy with a name I can’t remember just makes it even better.

Sounds like a fake vagina that one fucks. Am I close? 'Cuz there’s no way I’m Googling it…

Shaped like a flashlight.

I’m convinced that the true “killer app” of sex toys- something that’s as good for men as vibrators are for women- simply hasn’t been invented yet. What would be needed would be an entirely new kind of vibrator. Conventional vibrators work great if your main erogenous organ is about half an inch long, because the vibration rate is better suited for a clitoris. For a penis five inches long or more, you would need something with a much lower vibe rate; a throb rather than a buzz in other words. Surely there’s some way to package a strong but much slower pulse in a conveniently sized instrument?

Male sex toys are supposed to be improvised with whatever happens to be at hand – three oblong toy balloons partially filled with water and held together with cling-film should be sex toy enough for any man, if melons aren’t in season.

Sheesh. Kids today.

Now that is sig line material!

Or warm liver in a jar with electrodes attached to it, or something…

I don’t think a liver would work. You need a muscular structure. A heart would be much better, probably cheaper too.

Dooly noted.