The Food For Free thread

I went out with my family today for a walk in the New Forest and my daughter pointed out a large and perfect specimen of Boletus Edulis (AKA Porcini or Cep) - needless to say it went in the bag and was much relished at teatime, gently sauteed in butter and served with an omlette and crusty bread.

I suspect if we’d searched around a bit, we could have picked a bucketfull of them, but I was so pleased with this single mushroom as it’s the first time I’ve picked one with no trace of insect infestation.

Anybody else want to post your wild food escapades?

When I was much younger, our town would gather every spring to gather and eat morels. Mmmmm. It took me a long time to learn to tolerate lesser mushrooms.
Except the blue kind. Aquired that taste pretty quickly. :smiley: