The force was strong with this one: Bob Anderson (Darth Vader in eps 5 and 6) dead at 89

Ex Olympic fencer and stuntman, Bob Anderson, has passed away (1922 - 2012). RIP, Bob

He was a great fencer. He will be missed.

More recently, he also trained Viggo Mortensen for Aragorn in Lord of the Rings. Still very actively involved (though that was ten years ago (!!!) ).

Let’s think about that for a second. Anderson was 79 years old when he trained Mortenson on how to use the sword that once cut the ring from Sauron’s hand. Seventy Nine! The guy was a badass.

He was working on the Hobbit, too.

Did not know until today that it wasn’t Prowse in the sabre scenes. I do remember thinking that Prowse looked not as usually large when compared to tiny Mark Hamill in ROTJ. Another article I read included Ep 4.

IIRC from a “Behind the Scenes” on the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD, he also choreographed the sword work there.

Hah! I didn’t know this till just now, but he also did The Pricess Bride, among many, many others. This link is a very cool YouTube piece tying together clips of his work: Bob Anderson : Sword Fights: Part 1

I’m really going to miss the guy. Far too often we see “kung fu” sword fights with the combatants flipping around. I think it’s cooler with straight sword work. I also forgot how fucking brilliant the swordwork was in A Princess Bride. Click on the link. It’s a great clip.

Must have been part Numenorian.

I’m amazed that they can’t find a photograph of Anderson to put up on that story.

Meh. That was ESPN reposting an Associated Press Article. Other sites included pictures and video.