The French are obviously pissed will they mount a military campaign & go after ISIS?

Once the mourning and initial shock wear off anger and revenge is generally the next stage. France is no slouch militarily how do you think their response will manifest itself? US style shock and awe style military campaign or something different?

They will bomb some village which might have some “terror” links. Commando will “neutralise” some militants.

I don’ think they have the political will do do what actually has to be done to be done. Which is clear the ISIS area. It’s become N Waziristan writ large.

In truth, I think its going to be internal, rather than external and continent wide. They invoked article five, but doing militarily more than they are currently in Syria is problematic from a target selection point of view.

The insurgents had help from an internal fifth element, and going all inquisition/ deportations and putting the current migrants into concentration camps for a hard vetting seems more likely.

The French are just like the USA, a reponse must occur and must be seen to occur, but what exactly to expect when the French fist lands, is again not quite clear.


Hopefully France will deal with the actual issue, not go off and create more militants.

There was already a French military campaign against ISIS in Syria. Operation Chammal.

Maybe you meant to ask if they are going to increase their efforts, or expand them outside Syria.


Sounds rather ethereal.

I think you meant a fifth column. :wink:


Yup that be the correct term. My bad.


Their response will necessarily be quintessential.

the latter part is evidently our (the U.S.'s) job…


Look what happened after Charlie Hebdo shootings.

Four days after this attack, there was a big parade with 40 world leaders and 2 million people.

The next day everyone went on with their daily lives as if nothing had happened, including (it seems) those responsible for the internal security of France.

Not even a year later Muslim terrorists again pull off an even larger attack.

The French internal security forces need to track and infiltrate the Muslim terrorist groups that are operating in their country and arrest the leaders.

But they won’t. Heck there are even some neighborhoods in Paris where the police don’t dare go. Can you imagine what is being planned for France in these areas?

And more radical Muslims arrive in the country every day.

Well, yes. Much like in every other modern country, people are free to go in and out of France. That’s pretty unavoidable everywhere. Except North Korea, I guess.

And the DCRI does dismantle radical Islamic groups constantly. Sure, questions are being asked since the Charlie Hebdo attacks about their effectiveness- I mean, Merah, the Tolouse shooter was supposed to be under vigilance- but I think that it’s unfair to imply they have been inactive since then.

Why the Persian Gulf when Syria is on the Mediterranean? Even the Iraq part of ISIS territory isn’t anywhere near the Gulf.

I’d like to see a cite for this. It has a bang of merde off it.

It doesn’t make rational sense to sacrifice 12000 soldiers when you just lost 130 civilians…or 2000 civilians. A full scale war would cost about that much.

Of course it was on the Fox News, the most accurate TV news in the world that never just invents lies, and confirmed in video

sorry even better: thisno go zones

ISIS has been bombed continuously for more then 15 months now, by the most powerful air forces on earth.

In that time they have not only expanded, they have added an International Franchise (ISIS International if you will).

They were bombing last week. They will bomb again next week.
How much longer before you say, “this is not working”? And try something new.

actually they have not, they have contracted in the Iraqi territories, losing significant ground. In the north of the Syria, they also lose ground to the Kurdish militias. in the Syria there is even losses to the Assed forces (although it is doubtful to cheer this, even if however nasty the Assed are, they are better than the DAESH).

That takes no more effort than the existing takfiri groups changing their appelation to the latest faddish style.

To ask this question is starting with the assumption that something is not working.

the combination in support of the solid forces like the Kurdish (we do not have to adopt the idealization fetish of the Americans about the Kurdish groups to see that they are solid) has worked.

What is not working is in the south with the Iraqi regime where the Sunni arab tribes rightfully distrust the central government. There it is the political compromise which can be trusted (impossible?) that can work.

They should drop some mimes deep into ISIS territory, Mimes are ruthless…

oh yes, Couscoses and kebabs, sometimes baguettes.
very dangerous this districts identified by the Fox news.