The Full Monty -- the touring Broadway musical

If it comes to a town near you, GO SEE IT! Omigod it is even better than the movie! I absolutely loved it (and the guy who plays Ethan is hottt!)

And yes, at the end, there is full frontal nudity :smiley:

Kind of humorous side note: Cleavant Derricks (sp) plays Horse. Cleavant is the black guy from the tv show “Sliders” if you ever saw that.

Anyway, GO SEE IT. We saw it at the National Theatre in DC [anniversary present]… I can’t stop saying… go see it!

My sister and I saw this in Chicago when it was in previews. I agree, it was great fun.

So, how was Cleavant Derricks’…ummm…Rembrandt?

C’mon! Enquiring dopers wanna know!

Saw it on Broadway. See it! See it!

The Broadway cast and the touring cast are different, but I’m sure they’re both excellent. :slight_smile: