The futurist concept of getting nutrition from a pill

A theme (along with flying cars) about future technology is that one day we will be able to get all of our nutrition by taking a pill and will not have to eat anymore.

However, it seems to me that we’ve taken this technology as far as we can.

You can get vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals & antioxidants via pill form. You can even buy pills which contain flash glanced powder which is the powder left over from fruits and vegetables after the water, cellulose and other bulk is removed and the remains concentrated.

However getting fats, proteins or carbs from pills doesn’t sound like it’ll ever happen. I take 10g a day of fish oil and I have to take 8 large pills to do that. Protein powder, sugar and butter are all concentrated about as much as they can be, and I don’t see how the calories in fat in a stick of butter could ever be condensed into anything smaller.

However, I guess if you wanted to you could live off of a diet made of supplements (pills containing vitamins, minerals, flash glanced fruits/vegetables & fish oil) and live off a variety of powders and liquids like metamucil, protein powder, oil, water, starch and sugar. Mixing those ingredients to make bread or cake is more palatable though. I suppose a person could do that, make a bread or cake that has enough and the right kinds of protein, fat and sugar to sustain life. Then you’d just need your cake, water and pills to survive.

On another note flash glance sounds like a latin american seductive dance.