The Game Awards 2020 Nominees

Title says it all. Here are the nominees for the 2020 Game Awards.


That feels distressingly shallow. It’s the same six or seven games over and over again in the major categories as though nothing else of note came out in 2020. I only played one or two entries on the list (and will play Doom Eternal when it finally gets on PC Gamepass) so I’m not qualified to say which is “best” in each category but scrolling through the list was pretty uninspiring with the same titles each time. I’ve no idea what was up with the “Accessibility” category – the only one I heard of was Grounded letting you make spiders look more like non-threatening blocks for the spider-adverse.

The second half of the entries goes right past me. I recognize that eSports are a big thing (though “athlete” makes me laugh) but it’s nothing I have interest in, much less trying to guess who the best eSport coach or host or Twitch streamer is.

(I waited a day or so because I didn’t want to start the thread by being negative but I guess no one else felt inspired by the nominees or categories either)