The Game Room shouldn't be for general questions

The SDMB is a fantastic resource. If I have a question on any topic, I can ask it in GQ and incredibly intelligent people will answer it … with one exception. Since The Game Room became a new forum, any questions related to sports … not rules or stats mind you, but anything related to the business of sports … gets shunted off to the Game Room where it dies on the vine. I don’t think that’s right. The Game Room is fine for people who want to play forum games, or talk about sports and games from a perspective of who will or did win, how they could play the game better, etc. However, there are legitimate questions relating to the topic of sports that should be allowed to remain in GQ.

That’s it. Thanks for reading!

This seems to be about this topic, for the record.

I disagree. The topic in question doesn’t seem to be dying and the Game Room is the perfect place for it as it will get more answers from people who are knowledgeable about franchise relocations and other such things.

Also, you do realize that before the Game Room was created, people used to discuss sports in Cafe Society, so your thread probably would have been moved out of GQ, anyway.

12 responses in 3 hours - I’m not sure you have a very workable understanding of “dying on the vine”.

Edit: but if you managed to get the thread moved back to GQ, then your thread would qualify for your thread. So there’s that, I guess.

First, I don’t see the slightest evidence that threads get less attention in the Game Room rather than in GQ. In fact, since people who visit the Game Room are those most knowledgeable about sports, you are likely to get more and better responses there. In GQ they may be lost among all the other threads.

I may occasionally leave a thread related to sports or games in GQ if it is primarily about physics (why a curveball curves) or mathematics (odds in card games), etc. However, a question that is about sports teams is pretty obviously best suited to the Game Room.

Would that also apply to a question about a movie and the thread being moved to CS?

Sometimes there are threads asking if there are real examples of something shown in a movie, or the physics involved in a movie scene. If the question is mainly about real events or science rather than the movie itself it may stay in GQ.

The thread in question seems more akin to “how many movies are set in St. Louse?” which I think would be a CS topic.

Similarly, a question about the physics of hitting a baseball might be appropriate for GQ. Maybe. But generally, I like that virtually all sports topics go to the Game Room.

OK, that’s fair. My most recent thread is actually still getting some attention in the Game Room. I’m overly sensitive because thread I posted a couple years ago about who loses money for games not played in multi-game playoffs was moved to the Game Room and never received another reply. It’s possible that the Game Room is better populated now than it used to be, or maybe because of Tapatalk and other interfaces to SDMB, actual forum placement doesn’t matter as much as it once did.

I’m still not super happy about GQs being moved to other forums. However, I do see the argument for moving the thread in question, so maybe I’m wholly in the wrong here. In any case, I agree with Colibri’s logic about questions about history or science being allowed in GQ, even if the questions were inspired by works of fiction. My whole point with this thread was only to encourage the same reasoning be applied when deciding whether to relocate a question inspired by sports.

As the anti-OP (as opposed to Aunty OP), I wish all sports rants were moved out of the Pit and back to the game room where they belong.

Maybe nobody knew the answer.

While there may be more threads in GQ, this isn’t necessarily a good thing. If it doesn’t get replies immediately, your thread may quickly be bumped from the first page. And even if it does get replies, they may be from less knowledgeable people and the answers will be less useful.

It’s not like the Game Room is a desolate wasteland. Within the last day, there have been 55 threads active in GQ, and 26 in the Game Room. Since anyone interested in sports is going to check the Game Room, you have a better chance for a question to be seen by someone who might know the answer.

If your previous thread didn’t get any replies in the Game Room, it probably wouldn’t have gotten any in GQ, either.

In my experience, actual forum placement never has made a difference.

What about the Barn House?